Local Organizations Doing Good Work Now

Disclaimer: I am terribly remiss in not mentioning more wonderful local organizations here, several I have already worked with. My apologies and my intention is to update this post by the beginning of the summer. If I haven’t and you are reading this after June 21, call me on it! Please!!
I’ve written about several local organizations doing good work for those in need within our own local communities. The list is just a sampling. As I focus on the business of going into business, I encourage you to read my posts and check out the links if you think you may be able to provide some much-needed donations directly at this time.


Please let me know of any other local organizations that you would like to see highlighted. Write up the description and I would be happy to include it as a “guest post.”
Pass It On…Internet Site to Bring Volunteers and Organizations Together
In addtion to the featured organizations, I wrote a blog post describing and providing links to an amazing web-site called VolunteerMatch.org.

The site brings together organizations in need with volunteers interested in giving of themselves in some way. On a personal note, I was excited to get a comment from the organization in response to my post!

Please check it out if you know of organizations that would benefit from such a tool for meeting volunteer needs. And, PASS IT ON…Make sure service organizations that you care about know about this tool for efficiently and effectively meeting their volunteer and donation needs – that simple act of passing the word has the potential for such a positive impact – time well spent for sure!




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