Wish List ~ Needed Talent, Resources & Things

In addition to items generated from the decluttering for good process, it’s going to take quite a myriad of skills, tools and resources to really make for a solid business start-up. And, I can’t meet my social and environmental missions without putting a solid foundation under my envisioned concept.

So, while my hope is to ultimately help other worthwhile organizations with their wish lists, this page highlights my Wish List.

Remember: Making my wishes come true will ultimately be good for the community and the environment. With that in mind, I sincerely appreciate help with any of the following:

Business Talent Needed


Business Partner

Suffice to say, this idea is bigger than I am! My passion is in the social and environmental mission. Don’t get me wrong, I truly embrace the financially-self-sustaining business model as the most responsible way to structure a mission-driven organization of this type. I’m totally into spreading the word and involving more and more people in emerging concepts of living economies, creative economy and the green economy. But, to make the dream a reality will take not only a great deal of support and involvement of many different people from different business categories, but it will require at least one dedicated partner who is as enthusiastic about the details of the financial model as I am the service mission. No surprise, the right match will share my passion for using a solid business model to serve a values-based mission in which all stakeholders are a part of the bottom line!


Particularly someone knowledgeable/Interested in new business forms ~ L3C, For Benefit, Low-Profit ~ It all boils down to a legal structure reflecting the megatrend toward businesses doing good…


IT Specialist/Web Designer

Executive Assistant Intern

Let’s just say I’m trying not to kill too many trees with all my paperwork ~ Having an assistant to help me reign it all in would help  ~ help me and the trees, that is!

Local Artisans Needed:


Chair Caner

Furniture Maker

Furniture Restoration

 Resources Needed

Start-Up Funding and/or In-Kind Donations (See Build-Out Materials listed below): approximately $50,000

Lease Sponsorship: $60,000/year for first three years until financial sustainability is reached. Read the Money Matters post and the About Me & My Mission Page to better understand the financially-self-sustaining business model. Contact me to further discuss financial needs and proposed income streams. Sponsorship Levels and Benefits are being developed and will be announced. Interested individuals may contact me for the particulars at any time (24/7/365!)

Potential Business Partnership Opportunities

Flooring Companies

Antique Dealers

Interior Decorator

Area Realtors

Waste Management Companies

Garden Centers


Build-Out Material Needed

Reclaimed Barn Board from a single Barn

Bamboo Flooring

Salvaged Wood Flooring

Cork Flooring

Salvaged Windows/Doors/Shutters

Salvaged Storage Furniture


Bookcases/Shelving  Materials

A Vehicle that runs on Deisel Gas (for conversion to Veggie Oil – to spread my message while picking up larger pieces for repurposing — check out http://www.vegucation.com and/or http://www.GreaseNotGas.com for more inspiration on running on veggie oil…)


2 responses to “Wish List ~ Needed Talent, Resources & Things

  1. I like what you are doing. I started a family counseling agency with two friends in 1988 and did pretty much what you are doing. It looks good and organized. Let me know if you need help. I am watching you, this is a good thing. We are suffering from lack of grants, as they seem to be drying up before our very eyes.
    Any questions, email me, I will be glad to share anything I learned…all the hard way!

  2. Talk to your cousin Max about flooring and salvaging wood floors.



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