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I've worn this necklace since early on in the pre-launch... It's from BecomeInspired.Etsy.Com ~ The artisan, Robin, seems to share my purpose-driven perspective. I encourage you to visit her site.

I've worn this necklace since early on in the pre-launch... It's from BecomeInspired.Etsy.Com ~ The artisan, Robin, seems to share my purpose-driven perspective. I encourage you to visit her site.

UPDATE: I wrote this back in May of 2008 ~ Interesting to look back on and all still quite true. For more About Me, including a link to my resume, you may visit my Get My Profile page.

My name is Nancy Darcy Gallant and I’m a mother of three, typical teens, wife to one, very patient, state trooper and part-time caregiver to his our lovable K-9 German Shephard. I am was a stay-at-home mom who actually spent a considerable chunk of the last decade outside of my home, in volunteer service to my community as a long-time activist, student and patient advocate, and, in general, chronic volunteer, most often in a leadership role. Currently, I am transitioning into a new stage of my life, as many 40somethings are, and am pursuing my innovative concept I have for a triple-bottom-line social enterprise.


In a financially-self-sustaining, non-profit structure, my social mission is to empower like-minded suburban citizens, particularly those facing a life transition, to increase their involvement and positive impact on the community, the region, the country and the world. In-so-doing, the quality of life will be improved for all in some way, including those beneficiaries of our charitable efforts, as well as the quality of life of all those involved and their families. A perfect partner to my social mission, my environmental mission is to expedite the current trends toward increased awareness, knowledge, understanding and life choices that relate to environmental stewardship.

Have I lost you yet????

Believe me! It’s going to be fabulous! It’s all in my head, as well as in notebooks, on laptops and desktops, and scribbled with every writing implement imaginable on whatever paper-resembling item in reach… Why trust me? Why not? Okay, here’s a little more background…

In a past life (no, not really), I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bentley  with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing. Currently, I am a member of the Bentley Alumnae Women’s Chapter. (You can go to my post/tribute to my Alma Mater by clicking here.) My considerable and varied life experiences and strong educational background, complemented by a “Renaissance soul” and an “absent-minded-professor” thought process, have led me to this point in time…

I feel a sense of stewardship to my business concept and pursue it with the full knowledge that my vivid vision is the single most important thing that I bring to the table. To make that vision a reality ~ to put the foundation under the castle, so to speak ~ is not something I can do alone. It will take a collaborative effort of dramatic proportion. By its very nature, the effort itself, the journey, will serve both the social and environmental missions at every step along the way, engaging the minds and hearts of all involved.

If you are still reading this (thank you), I hope you will consider joining me at some level of participation. No pressure. No guilt, No regrets. Just doing good, for your own good, the good of our families, each other, our community, our fellow man, particularly those less fortunate, and our environment.


6 responses to “About Me

  1. Val ~

    Always encouraging to know like-minded people “get” it when it comes to my concept for Time Well Spent… Sorry to have missed the SEA Mass Chapter event in Springfield.

    I’ve had to change gears and am spending time right now helping my mother (and father) through some health issues. They are 85 years young and filled with as much humor and love as ever, though they are just realizing they are “getting old” in terms of their physical bodies. For the time being, time spent with them, advocating for them and seeing to their needs emotionally and physically is going to be my priority and most certainly the true-est way for me to know my time is well spent.

    Thanks again for your kind words of support. Follow me on twitter and/or facebook and, “I’ll be back.”

    Peace ~ Nancy

  2. Beautiful. You didn’t lose me. I’m a renaissance soul too so I think that helps. I’ll see you at the SEA launch. Thanks for all your work on that. Hope I get to meet you there.

  3. This sounds very interesting. I signed up to receive your newsletter, Nancy, and look forward to hearing more.

  4. Don’t forget about Freecycle as a place for fabulous freebies.

    I’m the moderator of the Bridgewater Freecycle.

  5. Hey Kathy ~ I’ve got a temporary location lined up to work out of for the next couple of months (just beyond Majestic Dragon in Ipswich). Just have to work out some insurance issues before I can actually move my stuff there…the not-so-fun stuff, but it’s gotta be done!

    Once I’m in, I’ll set up a plan for accepting stuff which will likely include certain days and hours of the week that I will be on site. Because it is so close to my house, I can be flexible about working with people toward times that work for both… I’ll also want folks to let me know approx what they have to be sure it will fit in the place…All the craft materials make sense to start organizing them so that when we move into the real space, that stuff is already in order. Some furniture type items will have to wait, the big stuff like upholstered things… (though some would come in handy – like bookcases, regular chairs).

    Regarding stuff that folks can’t hold onto or that we just don’t need, I’ll be talking to Salvation Army and Big Brother/Big Sister about their donation requirements and providing that alternative information here.

    As far as buying stuff… Ultimately, we will be buying some things though I prefer to avoid that (hahaha). For example, if there is some cool old chair or table on Craig’s List for short money, I’d likely offer them the opportunity to make a donation of it or at least cut the price… It will depend on whether certain somethings fit a certain need.

    When the time comes (meaning when I have a target opening date), we’ll ramp up the search for the larger items. I plan to involve some folks as Treasure Hunters, Bargain Shoppers and PickUp Artists… I’ll write more about that soon. For now, I have a birthday girl waiting to go to Joe’s to celebrate!

    Need more info, let me know!
    Thanks Again, N.

  6. N.,
    Are you actually accepting donations yet? If so where, when, how? Also, do you sometimes buy items? If so, what type of items?

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