Ode to My Alma Mater ~ aka Bentley College Rocks

Having not looked over my blog in a while (hey, I’ve been busy!), I decided to tweak my About Me and My Mission Page… Before I knew it, I had added quite the extended “Shout Out” to my Alma Mater, Bentley College. There’s simply a great deal to say about this already exceptional, and growing stronger all the time, “business” college.

So, I decided to move my “Bentley tribute” to the daily blog entries. How’s that for being resourceful?  BTW, that’s “entrepreneur speak” for working on the fly and finding the most efficient way to use what you have available to reach a goal or deadline. In this case, by creating a blog post from my extended comments about Bentley which I started to put on my About Me page, I can get off the laptop and head outside to prepare some “salvaged” items to bring to my “office” (still adjusting  to the sound of that!)…

Here’s the description as I wrote it, just a glimpse of why I am so jazzed about good ol’ Bentley College…

Shout Out” to my Alma Mater! Bentley truly is an amazing business college (just north of Boston) and, in fact, a recent recipient of a prestigious globally-recognized accreditation (EQUIS)  held by only one other United States higher institution of business education. Led by “new” president Gloria Cordes Larsen (an accomplished business attorney, poised now to make her mark on Academia), Bentley is highly invested in “teaching the talk” and “walking the walk” of corporate social responsibility.

I was honored to briefly meet the new president this past spring at an alumni event where it was my pleasure to hear her rapid-fire and energetic description of her first year on the job. I thoroughly enjoyed Gloria’s honest (and exhausting) description of a whirlwind year during which she seemingly didn’t stop to even cook dinner for her husband (ah, a kindred spirit!)… Truly, I share her excitement as Bentley moves forward with an incredible program that only seems to get better.

I mean, the place has its own trading room, a well-established international center , an active service-learning center , and many more state-of-the-art facilities and programs. Particularly exciting to me, Bentley is the first business college to offer its undergraduates a double major linking liberal arts with business specializations in a meaningful, integrated approach that reflects, and will surely continue to further strengthen, Bentley’s proven commitment to socially-responsible, morally-ethical and environmentally-conscious business practices.

Do you have a teen thinking about colleges? (Shocking (to me ), I do…) Check out Bentley’s website. Better yet, plan a campus visit. You’ll be glad you did!

Oh, to be headed to college again … I am so reminded of the line from It’s A Wonderful Life (Remember when George kept talking to Mary instead of kissing her and the old man on the porch declared with disgust, “Youth is wasted on the Wrong People”…) Of course, that’s not altogether true when one considers the accomplishments of many truly inspirational young people today. Reminds me of another Bentley highlight, The Tomorrow 25, and I didn’t even mean to toot Bentley’s horn again in this post! The Tomorrow 25 and other motivated teens aside, I think there is a considerable opportunity and incredible potential to empower all youth to live their own authentic life of purpose. Indeed that’s yet another goal of mine and yet another post topic for another day…

Until Next Time, N.


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