Moving Out of my “pre-launch” office ~ Many Hands would be a Big Help!

Included in this post are the explanations of WHY I’m leaving the space and WHAT opportunities that presents for folks. Right now, I could use the help of anyone interested in getting a closer look at my idea, supporting my efforts to help. 
For all the details, read on…
Here’s the short list of specific help I could use:

Help NEEDED Moving Out of the Space…

My plans to move out of the space are discussed in the newsletter for those who weren’t aware of these plans. Of course, it seems like a big undertaking, but many hands can help make for light(er) work. It’s not just about moving boxes ~ hoping to get the big strong teens for that (how stereotypical)…


I’d like to pack things up in an organized fashion, some of which will require getting things organized. If someone (or two) is/are willing to help input the book info of my growing library of books for the shared resource space into my database, that would be ideal. There’s a link in the newsletter to my librarything booklist.


Eco-Artists, Crafters, Artisans (and wanna-be’s of every kind)…

Plenty of STUFF to take and use as raw materials in your creations. I only ask that you share samples and/or pictures. Come, see, take and help me pack up a little if you have the time.

PACKING STUFF There is a section of stuff that doesn’t quite qualify as cool raw materials for repurposing OR fitting any of the DeClutter categories… That stuff needs to be mindlessly packed up so I can bring it to the Ipswich swap where items not taken will end up at Salvation Army. The remaining stuff, the good stuff, will need to be packed and labeled so I can access it as needed from the storage space I have gotten.  

Helping out for even an hour will give you a chance to learn a little more about my vision. I have lots of thoughts on a Membership by Donation model and would love to have the chance to chat one-on-one with folks to get feedback.

Here’s the story behind the space and the move:

The pre-launch office on Route 1 in Ipswich, MA, has been a great place for me to gather my thoughts along with quite a bit of “stuff” ~ the collective clutter that I like to think of as raw materials for repurposing inspiration and creativity. For several reasons, however, including the fact it is not handicapped accessible, the space can’t be used as an active center. Consequently, I can’t use that space to take the next important step ~ holding workshops, hosting meetups, having kids’ eco-parties and starting the other streams of income that will ultimately provide all the funds needed to sustain Time Well Spent in service to the mission (thus not drawing annually from limited grant funds that must be provided to those organizations that cannot be sustained by the free market like food pantries, homeless shelters and disaster relief organizations).

While a working prototype would be ideal, that takes funds I don’t yet have ~ visions of the proverbial chicken and egg come to mind!  In the face of that challenge, I’m going to be taking the concept to like-minded studios, art centers, wellness centers and such in the area to help grow the concept and begin holding Time Well Spent inspired events. If you own or know of a business that might be interested in getting involved in this way, please let me know. Collaboration is key!

In the meantime, this month, I’m videoing the space so as to capture the ideas that are so well illustrated in the prototype and then I’m moving out!

Being a glass half-full kind of person, I am choosing to see this move as a step forward! And, given my sharing nature and out-of-the-box thought process, I’d like to use this move to present an opportunity to local artists, eco-artists, woodworkers and wannabees as well as long-time supporters who want to get more involved as active members at Time Well Spent!  So…. If you love the re-use and creative re-purposing aspects of the Time Well Spent concept, consider helping with the move and/or taking on some of the “raw materials” I’ve accumulated.


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