Helping Others ~ Part of the Plan

After a decade of volunteer service, I find it hard to not jump ahead of myself in terms of my desire to fulfill a very important part of my mission. I wouldn’t be opening Time Well Spent but for the positive impact I know it will have on the local community here on the North Shore as well as the example it will set for other similar communities. Along with the products for sale and the activities and workshops planned, I will be making it easy to fit helping others and the environment into all of our lives. With no pressure and an “every little bit counts” attitude, there will continually be ways, big and small, to help others when visiting Time Well Spent. One cornerstone activity will be once-monthly donation drives, each with a specific call to action letting everyone know the particulars of that month’s effort.  

Local Organizations Doing Good Work Now
In the meantime, I’ve written about several local organizations doing good work for those in need within our own local communities. The list is just a sampling. As I focus on the business of going into business, I encourage you to read my posts and check out the links if you think you may be able to provide some much-needed donations directly at this time.

(Note: The description can be found in right-hand column on each page of my weblog) 


Please let me know of any other local organizations that you would like to see highlighted. Write up the description and I would be happy to include it as a “guest post.”
Internet Site to Bring Volunteers and Organizations Together
In addtion to the featured organizations, I wrote a blog post describing and providing links to an amazing web-site called The site brings together organizations in need with volunteers interested in giving of themselves in some way. On a personal note, I was excited to get a comment from the organization in response to my post! Please check it out if you know of organizations that would benefit from such a tool for meeting volunteer needs.      





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