Amazing Find for Volunteer WannaBees and Organizations in Need

Oh My Goodness… I have found a gem of a website that provides listings of volunteer opportunities that can be searched by zipcode, interest area, volunteer age group, and the like, and then sorted by distance…  The website is Go to their site and enter your zipcode and remember to SORT BY DISTANCE. You can add your area of interest as well…Here’s the link to their Getting Started Page for Volunteers.

And, that’s just the beginning, they have great information about volunteering including success stories that start with a photo and summary, followed by a wonderful write-up about the volunteer’s experience and about the organization where the individual volunteered. Here’s one summary:

Volunteer Spotlight

Amanda McGlothlin, Heart House Austin

For advertising major Amanda McGlothlin, volunteering for a photography project at Heart House, a free after-school program, has been good for her future and good for the community. “I like teaching the kids new things, and learning things from them that I didn’t know,” she said. “I always forget how smart children are!”

Here’s the link to the Spotlight page where you can read the rest of Amanda’s story as well as those of many other happy volunteers.

Here’s the link to the VolunteerMatch’s main page for Nonprofit Organizations  with all the information you need to best use to help meet your volunteer needs. In addition, there is plenty of other worthwhile information for nonprofits including shared success stories, resources and a learning center.

This is a fabulous tool and could really be meaningful to the degree that a community is made aware of it – both local non-profits and individuals who are interested in volunteering in some way. For example, Danvers and Gloucester have many, many volunteer opportunities listed, including ongoing and date specific needs.

The list that comes up is so user-friendly and informative – providing the most relevant facts right there on your search results page, minimizing the need to click through and read more on possibilities that don’t suit you, the potential volunteer, personally.

Here’s a search page link   where you can see all the great advanced search options.

Try it out for your zipcode and see not only what volunteer opportunities are listed but also whether non-profits that you know and care about in your local community are represented. Don’t see them? Send them an email or make a friendly phone call telling them about

Back to work moving my clutter to the new office space! Have a Great Day! N.


One response to “Amazing Find for Volunteer WannaBees and Organizations in Need

  1. Nancy,

    What a great way to let your readers know about VolunteerMatch!

    And thanks so much for pointing out something that we are always, always trying to emphasize — that people who care about a cause can help make sure non-profits they “know and care about” are represented at

    Today we have over 58,000 participating nonprofits — and we really are the biggest network of active recruiting organizations and volunteers. But you know what? With over 1.5 million different nonprofits in the U.S., we know this is just a drop in bucket.

    So you’re helping us reach local folks, and that’s going to make a difference.

    See you all online at!

    Robert J. Rosenthal
    VolunteerMatch Team

    PS – One of the coolest things you can do on our site now is recommend your favorite organizations to other volunteers. When you see an organization you’ve volunteered with, look for the yellow button at the bottom of the page!

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