Wellspring House – Helping People in Need on the North Shore

While I’m sharing donation and volunteer opportunities this week, I thought I’d stay focused on helping the homeless on the North Shore for another day, particularly given the staggering statistics reflecting the reality that there most certainly are people, in fact whole families, who are homeless, ( discussed in my post about Horizons For Homeless ).

It didn’t take long to find Wellspring House once I started looking. From their website, here’s what Wellspring House is all about (emphasis added):

For 25 years, Wellspring House has been helping families move out of poverty to achieve more secure and fulfilling lives.  An advocate for social justice, Wellspring House is a non-profit organization that annually provides education, emergency shelter, affordable housing, job training, family support and mentoring programs to hundreds of families on Boston’s North Shore.  Wellspring House is rooted in the vision of a just society in which people live interdependently and all have access to homes, education, and community support.  The organization has grown organically, sprouting new programs and projects as needs are revealed.

Today Wellspring provides shelter for homeless families, owns and manages its own stock of affordable housing, offers education programs to both families and individuals, and provides leadership in the development of local affordable housing. The geographic area that we serve includes the Cape Ann communities of Gloucester, Essex, Ipswich, Manchester and Rockport, and extends outward into the North Shore of Massachusetts. http://www.wellspringhouse.org/about/historyofwellspring.html

Here’s an excerpt from the site’s donation page:

 Thank you for your interest in Wellspring House.  We rely on your support in a variety of ways. If you are interested in donating goods or services, please use our contact list below to identify the person who can help you with your donation. Please remember that you may need to leave a message and wait for a call back. … All donated items are requested to be in new or like new condition.  We regret that we are not able to pick up donations at this time and at times may need to turn down an item due to limited storage space.  Our role is to match the gift that is being offered to a family in need.  

 To donate furniture, professional clothing, computers or toys and books,you can find the contact names and numbers on Wellspring’s donation page .

To give of your time through some meaningful volunteer opportunities, check out their volunteer and mentoring page.

For the experienced professional seeking a way to give back to the community, donating services can be an extremely rewarding experience and certainly fills a need for knowledgable expertise. Likewise, some service opportunities are appropriate for college grads or career-changers as they build their resume and are able to add real-world experience, not only on paper, but adding to their life’s experiences in what can be a very meaningful way. Here’s Wellspring Houses request for service help:

If you are interested in donating services such as printing, catering, design, public relations or other services please contact Bridget Murray in the development office @ 978.281.3558 ext.302 or email bmurray AT wellspringhouse DOT org.

 It strikes me that what Wellspring House does is work to help people gain or regain their dignity and self-respect in a way that isn’t possible just by providing a free hand-out. They mentor, help build skills, social and employable, and in-so-doing, they build a person’s sense of worth. Reminds me of some other social entrepreneurs on the national level… But, that’s a post for another day…

 Until Next Time, N.  


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