Welcome First-Time Visitor!

Welcome to My Blog!  This is the temporary home for Time Well Spent, a comprehensive concept I have envisioned for an innovative and purpose-driven business. I have the vision ~ just need to put the foundation under it!  Thanks for taking some time to learn about what I’m up to…

I am bootstrapping my way along as I follow an action-while-planning approach (with props to Root Cause’s Business Planning for Enduring Social Impact by Andrew Wolk) to Time Well Spent, my social enterprise start-up. As a result, I’m making s-l-o-w  but steady progress.  Quite intentionally, Time Well Spent continues to be a work-in-progress ~ both online and offline ~ thus allowing for learning and “tweaking” along the way and, ultimately, resulting in a stronger social enterprise.

Currently, I am straddling two blogs – this one is filled with so many details associated with the concept as it grew and took shape in my mind. Plenty of gold if you dig! That means it isn’t very well organized! The right-hand column provides a bit of an overview and can likely head you in the right direction. A visit to the Social Media Page will direct you all over cyberspace, finding where Time Well Spent reaches out and connects online! Any and all efforts to help spread the news of Time Well Spent, online and offline, is both encouraged and tremendously appreciated!

While I ultimately envision a comprehensive website, that takes the kinds of funds I don’t have yet (well, I don’t have ANY funds yet – but hoping that will change soon with the right angel investor interested in making a difference in terms of social and environmental change.  Basically, I know the online outlets are down and dirty but that’s what happens when you roll up your sleeves and dive into a project you are passionate about. 

An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.

~  Friedrich Engels

Heartfelt thanks for the patience and support!

Carpe Diem ~

Nancy Gallant

Social Entrepreneur & Founder of Time Well Spent


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