Announcing my Business Name – Time Well Spent

As I start on this new venture (as in adventure!), my goals ultimately all share the common thread of TIME, our most undervalued, wasted and threatened resource…I bet your goals do, too…I am confident that you would agree with the following stated goal: To live a life that you enjoy both as you are living it and as you reflect on your past and plan for your future and the future of your children and our environment (the one, BTW, your children and grandchildren will inherit)…


During this era that seems to be moving toward world-changing megatrends, many seek to live their most authentic life, one of mindful awareness and purposeful intent. Consequently, there are so many growing trends that are worth exploring…So many opportunities to make a difference within our own family as well as throughout the community… But, where does one find the time to learn more about just what is out there? Ultimately, we can, we will, we must all have a little better handle on our time, minimizing wasted time and choosing how to spend our time in ways that we find meaningful. Yet, the whirlwind of information and choices we face each day can be, to say the least, overwhelming, adding to our stress, rather than alleviating it. That’s where my new concept comes in…
Striving to make the goal a reality is easier said than done, requiring a more purposeful approach to how we manage our time…The minutes and hours, mornings and afternoons, the days and weeks, even the evenings and weekends, that we spend. To quote Pulitzer-prize-winning author Annie Dillard,”How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives.”


My purpose will be to help you use your time wisely, doing the research, providing information and opportunities, as well as products and services, in a way that is convenient and accessible, welcoming and inspiring, while always respecting the limited time we have. These decisions about how we spend our time will effect how we spend our money, our energy, our resources… Whether you start with baby steps or embrace change enthusiastically, my new business will welcome you with time-saving, cost-saving, environment-saving, and (ready for a little drama here?) even life-saving tips and choices for making the most of your days and, consequently, your life and your time.


That’s what it is all about and (drum roll)…That’s what has inspired the name of the business: Time Well SpentTM. I think it has a nice ring to it! What’s more, it pretty much says it all – vision, mission, objectives – all rolled up into three little words…It’s going to be Time Well SpentTM!

I invite you to join me in the adventure!


3 responses to “Announcing my Business Name – Time Well Spent

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Deb. It does look like that artisan has stopped selling on etsy. If you go to and search for hand stamped inspiration silver, you might find something similar. Also, there are some artisans on that site that will make an item to order. Click on the custom link to see how that process works! If I see something similar down the road, I’ll let you know! Still wearing mine, along with a sterling circle that says “believe ~ miracles happen.” I love words of encouragement to remind us of our mantras. I have a ring that says “laugh often,” another good one ~ where would we be without humor!
    Thanks again and…
    Carpe Diem ~

  2. I learned about your business from the Women’s Group at First Church in Wenham. Very cool!
    I also loved the necklace from Become Inspired. I looked for the artist at the site you provided and couldn’t locate it. Do you have any other contact information for her? Please let me know.
    Best of luck to you!

  3. Hey there! I noticed your SEA post suggesting so I thought I would check to see what you were all about…. I like what I see, its always nice to find a fellow comrade! Keep fighting the good fight! I look forward to checking out the rest of your site and potentially utilizing your services.

    peace from your brother,

    another being creative

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