Time Well Spent Websites and Social Media Options


Different audiences will be interested in different aspects of the business and its progress.  On this page, I’m listing how I am using the internet and social media as I work through what I tend to call the pre-launch process for Time Well Spent (read this as: I don’t make any money yet!) I’m hoping this page will help visitors find their way most efficiently to information of interest and/or importance to them.

Here’s the latest in terms of online ways to connect with me, follow my progress, and learn about opportunities to get involved:

This, My Personal Blog:

My hope is that, by sharing some of my experience here, others might gain some insight into how Time Well Spent started. My sincere dedication to my mission is documented here – messy though it may be. It is my sense of service to mission and passionate belief in my vision that has driven the concept forward since it was but a seed of an idea in January 2008.

There is plenty of info on this site for those who dare to peek into the thought process that led to my creation of the Time Well Spent concept.

Here are a few highlights on this weblog:

  • Specifically, I suggest you visit the form and function page by clicking here, the closest thing (so far) to a cyber-tour.
  • The Original Vision post – on the cerebral side, this isn’t the catchiest read, but it does reflect my authentic passion for my vision.
  • About Me! Page – It’s funny and insightful to read my description of myself. In addition, I have an entire set of biography web pages at GetMyProfile.com, created via an event at Bentley University, my alma mater (I rave about Bentley quite a bit – just do a search for Bentley and you can read for yourself!)
  • PAGES ~ Many more interesting pages on the topic were previously listed atop the blog page. It was unruly! The pages now are nested, but easily lost as a result – you can see the list in the right-hand column.
  • POSTS ~ Until the TWS website takes better form, I’m still listing some current activities here. Also, to best see the activities of the first 18 months, including some of my musings along the way, scanning the blog posts could be either interesting or exhausting, depending on your mood and energy level! You can choose by month (further below) or find the most recent posts right there —>


Time Well Spent Online Website

For those who want to fast forward to current status of my innovative triple-bott0m-line business, go to the new website. But, it’s very new, as in,”needs a great deal of work and considerable content added.” Your input and suggestions are always welcome!

Time Well Spent on YouTube

If you haven’t viewed my original 4 videos yet, please do! Each is just under a minute! Here’s one to get you started:

With regard to the videos, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Debra Crosby, CEO of CrosbyQuest TV Productions, for creating these 4 videos introducing Time Well Spent. I was fortunate to have won the opportunity to work with Debra at a North Shore Women in Business event. Debra could not have been more generous with her time and attention. From breathing and visualization exercises to improv practice to helping me find the right words to clearly and concisely (not my forte) share my comprehensive vision for Time Well Spent, Debra gave 100% to helping me present my concept in a way that reflects my dedication to my mission and my determination and enthusiasm that are so crucial to successfully launching Time Well Spent. To say her professional advice and supportive attitude were helpful is an understatement. I highly recommend her services!

Here’s Debra’s contact information:

Debra Crosby, CEO
CrosbyQuest TV Productions
“The Best of You in the View”
Your Brand ~ Your Message ~ in Your Commercial ~ to Attract ~ Your Customers
978 – 741 – 2287

Picture This @ Time Well Spent ~ PhotoBlog 

Visual learners and eco-artists might enjoy a quick visit to the photoblog I made in 2009… Since that time, I’ve made many examples of repurposed products firsthand that can be seen in the albums of my facebook page.  Still, the photoblog is worth a quick visit as it includes many more pics of potential repurposed products and it’s just a click away, after all!

Become a FAN of Time Well Spent on Facebook  

It’s not just for teens anymore! Facebook is the go-to place to connect with friends and family, in particular. Additionally, FANpages are used to promote business efforts. Specifically, I use my FANpage as a bit of an online mini diary where I share snippets of my day-to-day Time Well Spent efforts, activities and opportunities. I’ve started adding photos to albums there of repurposed creations I’ve made.

Of course, the idea behind Facebook FANpages is to help spread the word and generate interest and allow for two-way communication and interaction. So, Facebook users reading this: Thanks in advance if you are willing to become a FAN and for “suggesting” the Time Well Spent FANpage to your own friends whom you think will appreciate the concept for Time Well Spent. (Note that you get to choose exactly which of your friends receive the suggestion!)

Follow Me on Twitter

It’s not just a place for celebs to share their every cup of coffee! In fact, I don’t “tweet” too much at all about even my daily Time Well Spent activities. From a business point-of-view, Twitter is a great way to stay up to date within your industry and connect with thought-leaders and change-makers and their events ~ 140 characters at a time ( Those who know me know THAT is my biggest challenge)!

I’ve connected with some great folks on the topics of social enterprise, the environment and social media, including many great new contacts made in the Boston area whom I’ve since met at “tweet-up” events.

Join Me on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the place to keep your “online resume” up to date. It’s also a great place to share recommendations (something I need to work on!). Personally, I help manage the Social Enterprise Massachusetts Chapter on LinkedIn, a newly-formed official chapter of the national organization Social Enterprise Alliance .  The L3C Connect LinkedIn group is another favorite of mine as it is home to the thought-leaders on this cutting-edge legal business structure I am considering for Time Well Spent.


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