DeClutter For Good ~ Big Things

Special Note: Even a remnant of a piece of furniture can be repurposed into a shelf, key holder, coat rack or put to some good use. Good Bones trumps complete piece!



When it comes to what furniture and architectural salvage will be used in the new business, it’s pretty much a case-by-case basis. So, check out the guidelines here, and feel free to ask a question as a posted comment below.


Another option, you can email a photo to me and I’ll let you know if I can use what you are itching to get rid of. Oh, and, I’m not quite sure why but apparently it is best to not really list your email address (just when we thought we were getting the hang of the internet)… So, email me at nancy(dot)gallant(at)comcast(dot)net!






Basically, we are looking for pieces of furniture with good bones to rescue and repurpose. Picture some great old chair reupholstered in a funky new fabric, or maybe even a funky vintage fabric. Solid structure is more important than current condition. Along with loveseats and coffee tables, we’ll need some table and chair sets, too. Some we may leave as is, others could be painted up in any number of ways. While we love anything with some personality, basic solid table and chair sets would be a possibility as well.

Beware! MOLD and MILDEW are not our friends (let your nose be your guide, even if no mold is showing, give it the old sniff test).





Examples of Furniture to Donate



Old Chairs

Occasional Chairs

Coffee Tables

End Tables

Sofa Tables

Kitchen Tables

Table Bases

Table Legs





Architectural Salvage



Archi-What? Don’t be intimidated, that’s just a new term for old stuff. In other words, old elements from around your home (not to mention the curbside, the local flea market, then neighbor’s yard sale) that have plenty of character but have been unceremoniously replaced or discarded. Once saved from a fateful trip to the landfill, the newly- dubbed architectural salvage will find a new, perhaps even better, life adding character to someone’s home as part of a repurposed item or simply placed on the mantle, where all can enjoy its once-ignored beauty. (Okay… I got a little carried away with that description, but the old stuff kind of grows on you.)


In addition to those elite pieces adorning the mantle or a shelf or hung reverently on the wall, many of these salvaged architectural elements are mainstays to Functional Art, something we will be working on quite a bit. Let’s just say, there are more things to do with old shutters and old windows than you ever imagined. (This, because you spend so much time thinking about how to repurpose old shutters and windows…Oh, wait, that’s me again!)


Examples of Architectural Salvage to Donate




Fence Posts



Newell Posts


Remember: If you have a question, just leave a message in the comment box below or send me an email at nancy(dot)gallant(at)comcast(dot)net.




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