DeClutter For Good – The Concept

One of many deliveries to Cradles to Crayons ~ We've held DeClutter For Good drives for baby stuff, children's clothing and toys and games. Enter Cradles to Crayons in the Search bar and learn more about this great organization and all of our efforts to help them help Massachusetts kids in need.




A major activity in support of our mission at Time Well Spent is to Declutter For GoodTM, cleaning out our worthwhile stuff and putting it to good use. Even as we help ourselves out of the stress and mess of constant clutter, we’ll be helping our fellow man and our environment in the process.

Via educational campaigns and action-based activities, we’ll be doing our best to increase awareness and alter habits to reflect a growing knowledge and understanding of choices to lead an environmentally-aware and socially-conscious life, day-to-day. Here’s the kicker ~ a better understanding of recycling facts as well as existing social needs, adds more time-eating tasks to our already overflowing plate (brings to mind the “no good deed goes unpunished” saying!).

That’s where Time Well SpentTM  comes in. Our mission is to increase awareness and expedite change as we empower suburban citizens to live an authentic, happy and engaged life. We wouldn’t be serving that mission fully if we merely burdened people with the facts without providing information and activities to facilitate steps toward a solution. 

In addition to the many items for creative reuse and repurposing that we can actually use at Time Well SpentTM, there’s plenty more useful “stuff” that could serve a meaningful  purpose, no longer cluttering our homes and without adding to hazardous landfills or polllution-producing incinerators. The monthly donation drive provides an EASY way to declutter all that other stuff, knowing it goes to good use, while keeping the process local and simple for all our do-good declutterers.

Folks can check their Time Well SpentTM e-newsletter at the beginning of each month and see what we are collecting and donating to vetted charities that share our mission. Our first such charity is Cradles to Crayons. They are experts at getting worthwhile and much-needed items to local children from birth to pre-teen.

As time passes, we expect to establish a list of organizations that funnel things we have to those in need appropriately, from books to business suits. If you have any organizations in mind that we might be able to partner with, just post here or email me at nancy.gallantATcomcastDOTnet…



One response to “DeClutter For Good – The Concept

  1. Got a kick out of reading this description written in fall 2008, just before my first DeClutter For Good drive… We’ve helped a lot of people in need through a lot of organizations since then… I’m overdue to write a follow-up, but here’s a list of the organizations I’ve passed along donations to thanks to DeClutter For Good drives:

    Cornerstones Ipswich (toys, games, books, sports equipment)

    More Than Words Books (books, books, books)

    Wellspring House (business attire, garden tools)

    Playing It Forward (sports equipment)

    Cradles to Crayons (baby stuff, kids’s stuff, clothes and toys)

    Solutions At Work (business attire)

    Fairygodmother (Prom Dresses)

    Lynn Community Health Center (books)

    Troop Support Danvers (beanie babies – delivery pending!)

    And, I haven’t even opened the doors of Time Well Spent as a working center yet! I’m so glad that I’ve taken this action-while-planning approach to the pre-launch. Think of all the people I’ve been able to help people help already! Time Well Spent…

    Here’s to more of the same, and then some!

    Carpe Diem ~ Nancy

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