The Recycle For Good WALL


 ReThink Everything…

Take Recycling Beyond the Curb ~ Bring it to THE WALL! 

My vision for The Recycle For Good WALL - Imagination Required!

The Recycle For Good WALL is both a focal point and active center envisioned for Time Well Spent. It will serve to increase both awareness and earth-friendly lifestyle choices and everyday habits. Until I have the permanent space, I can’t go forward full throttle with this integral piece of the puzzle. For all of you reading this who share a fondness for this planet we call home, or the kids to whom we will leave it, read on…

The Wall… At once inspiring and educational, The Wall has the potential to serve as the signature visual statement at Time Well Spent. The Wall will be an amazing receptacle for items that can be reused in purposeful ways, once gathered and disseminated appropriately.

The Wall will provide members and guests with an easy way to increase their environmental awareness and activity, saving items from the landfills, from cluttering our homes, and even from the recycle bins, and putting them to good use.

Here’s a short list of some of the items that we likely will collect on the Wall:



Ink Cartridges


Medicine Bottles

bean-filled stuffed animals

Not only will The Wall serve an environmental action and educational mission, but it will also serve to increase the awareness and understanding of the challenges and issues faced by our fellow community members, from within our local communities to those in need who are a part of our global community of fellow man (and woman!). For example, we will provide a collection bin for plastic medicine bottles, needed in Africa as that country is embracing the need for proper medication and education to address the HIV crisis that affects the majority of children, the majority of people I believe, in that country… As we collect the bottles, so too will we all learn a little more and spread the sobering reality of the situation, perhaps learning of more opportunities to help in some meaningful, do-able way.

Like so many of the activities at Time Well Spent, as people contribute to The Wall, and as their awareness of environmental and human issues increases, so too will their level of activity and involvement in helping to create the solutions to problems that exist today and those anticipated in the future.

I’ve lots more thoughts to share about The Wall… In the meantime, let me know what YOU think by posting your comment or question below! Thanks, N.


2 responses to “The Recycle For Good WALL

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  2. Hi: Since we share an interest in environmental topics, I figured I’d send along a link to my blog.
    Good luck with your endeavor

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