Contact Info

Contact Info

 Your feedback, questions, suggestions… All are welcome as I move forward with my efforts to launch Time Well Spent. I will be adding a FAQ page in the near future. In the meantime, and any time you have an unanswered question, please feel free to Ask!

E-Mail: n.d.gallantATcomcastDOTnet


3 responses to “Contact Info

  1. You are really on to something. I thought it was just me, but I’m realizing a lot of moms “hit the wall” at a certain point and find that all the accumulated “stuff” that has piled up — toys, clothes, books, movies — starts to feel suffocating. I started taking stuff to Good Will when I felt like jumping out of my skin because all the “stuff” around me was closing in on me and weighing me down. Keep up the good work, Nancy!

  2. Is your organization a 501c3 so that donations can be tax deductible?

    • Sue ~ Time Well Spent is planned to be organized as an L3C, a new legal form that establishes the primary purpose as being in service to the social and environmental missions, with the financial mission specifically in support to those objectives. So, donations to Time Well Spent of clutter for creative repurposing is not tax deductible at this point (however, we have a system of clutter credits in the works that is a fun and worthwhile alternative!). For donations to the monthly DeClutter For Good drives, whenever possible, I obtain tax deductible receipt forms from the organization to which I give our collective clutter. Hope that answers your question.
      Thanks & Carpe Diem ~ Nancy

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