Web 2.0 Class

Hi Bentley Students/Potential Project Group Member ~

I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with Bentley students on my new business. It’s a social enterprise so we are using best business practices to achieve a social and environmental mission. I think students will be able to learn a great deal, not only about social media and the power of the internet, but also about social enterprise and the power of conscious capitalism ~ with our eye on the triple-bottom-line: People, Planet and Profits (in that order!).

Here are a couple of ideas for the Web 2.0 project focus:

1. Design a membership platform where members can join in, have access to a calendar of workshops and events at Time Well Spent – perhaps even with the capability of signing up and making payment online. While I’m leaning toward using NING for this platform, are there other options that we should be considering? Development Crossing is a ning group I am a member of, as an example.

2. I’d like to come up with a mini web page to offer to others so they can embed it on their website. check out this link to Sprout. It’s something I saw quite a while ago. Upon returning to their site, I see they have something about Sprout Campaigns that sounds like it is in synch with the Web 2.0 course.

Any questions, post ’em here or email me.


p.s. At the risk of information overload, I thought I’d just put some sites that are on topic here:

Spare Change: http://www.social-marketing.com/blog/


8 responses to “Web 2.0 Class

  1. Saw this Twitter Page that caught my eye in terms of their use of the space to reflect their brand and provide just a bit more info than you usually see.


    Plus, it’s Ashoka, so worth following!

  2. It was great to meet you “kids” tonight in the Smith Tech Center. Lucky students and lucky Bentley! I was pleased you were all able to make it. I appreciate the time and attention amidst your busy college schedules, David’s new acting obligations included.

    I added a photo and bio link to my Twitter, but that’s it… I’ll send my sign-in info to David’s email so you may play around with it a bit, including possibly making a twitter widget for my weblog (such as it is!).

    Here’s the link to the recent list of top 10 twitter apps that I mentioned:


    Kosha, it will be interesting to see how it matches up with the apps you use.

    Also, food for thought, here’s a link to an article about the appropriate length for an e-newsletter, with the reality being, “it depends.”


    Note that you can see my past newsletters via the archive link in the column to the right.

    I look forward to hearing about your group meeting regarding Time Well Spent and have our next meeting marked on the calendar for 10/23 at 2pm.

    Thanks Again and Carpe Diem!

  3. Wow, so far all students are from MA ~ not sure what that means…

    Your various areas of expertise – CIS, finance, accounting, info process mgt – should provide a range of perspectives that will serve us all well.

    Looking forward to our first meeting…


  4. Hi Nancy,

    My name is Pete Sullivan, I’m a senior majoring in Accounting and minoring in Computer Science. I’m from Hopkinton, MA originally and would like to stay in the area after graduation. Looking forward to working with you this semester and doing whatever we can to help out your organization.


  5. Hi.
    I’m Kosha and I’ve also signed up.
    I’m a junior from Randolph Mass. I’m majoring in Finance and minoring in Information Process Management and Information Design and Corporate Communication.
    Looking forward to working with you!!

  6. Looking forward to working with you, David, and am thrilled by the Newburyport connection.

    One question – do you ever sleep?

    I’ll be in touch as the group comes together.

    Thanks for signing on!


  7. Nancy,

    I have just signed up to work with you and your non-profit in Mark Frydenberg’s CS299 class. I’m very excited to learn more about your organization and learn how we can blend your business processes into technological solutions to get the word out there!

    A little background about me:
    I’m a blended term senior at Bentley which means I’m both an undergraduate and a graduate student at the same time (4 undergraduate, 2 graduate courses). I’m a Computer Information Systems major there and am involved in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, theatre, citizen’s police academy, among others. I live in Newburyport (loved your post on the Farmer’s Market) and like getting involved in both local and national politics.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Feel free to contact me via e-mail, twitter (@dlanphear) or look me up on facebook or linkedIn.


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