Toys For Tots Drop-Off at Massachusetts State Police Barracks and Lots of Other Places, Too!

UPDATE TO THIS POST: Well, good news is that lots of folks are looking for places to drop their donations for Toys for Tots… I think everyone saw the same news story I did about the State Police accepting them at their barracks which is a nice reason to visit our men in blue and say Happy Holidays at the same time… That said, there are lots of other locations that may be more convenient for you… There’s a page on Toys For Tot’s site that can be searched even by county to see the entire list and figure out what spot is most convenient for you to drop off toys.  The link is in the original post…

Original Post:

I just saw on the news that Toys For Tots donations are way down this year. Not surprising, I suppose given the tough financial times. Keeping in mind that while Toys For Tots only accepts new toys, it’s common to have toys in your house that are literally unopened and basically “new” for all intents and purposes. Certainly DeCluttering For Good…  In Ipswich, drop-off locations include the Fire Station, Tedford and Martin and Ipswich Ford…

I noticed a lot of folks are reading this post after a search for drop off locations, so… first, Hi and Welcome to my personal site tracking my journey through my start-up phase of my new mission-driven business. Read all about it if you have time by clicking on the page links above. Regarding the Toys For Tots drop-off locations, click here to get to the Toys For Tots locate a drop off location (by state and city) page.

Also, here’s a quote from the MSP post about Toys For Tots on their site:

For over 20 years, the Massachusetts State Police has partnered with the United States Marine Corps in providing drop-off areas for toys donated to Toys for Tots.  As in years past, this year people can drop-off new, unwrapped toys at any State Police Barracks through Friday, December 19th.   This holiday season there is a specific need for toys designed for children under 2-years-old and for non-violent toys for children ages 9-12.

Toys for Tots needs help more than ever to achieve its goal of delivering, through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to needy children that will motivate them to grow into responsible, productive and patriotic citizens.  Last year, in a healthy economy, the Toys for Tots program fell short of its donation goals by a significant amount.  Unfortunately, the current economic downturn has simultaneously left more Massachusetts families in need of toys for their children, and has resulted in a 50 percent decrease in toy donations from this time last year.  The State Police and the Marine Corps encourage those with the means to donate to this very worthy program and help ensure a happy holiday season for a disadvantaged Massachusetts child.



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