Eco-Friendly Make-Up

I spent the latter part of Saturday evening watching Planet Green (Comcast 233 – YOU just must check it out if you haven’t already!)  and, laptop on my lap (go figure), learning how to use some new (to me) computer gadgets, specifically the mysterious RSS feed options to check on some of the sites I recommend but often don’t get to myself (that’s what RSS feed is good for, if I’m getting the gist of it).
So, somewhere along the way, I found a post about this eco-friendly (and face-friendly) online beauty make-up company.  Trying out another new tool called Clipmarks, I’m sending this along to my weblog… Note that I’m just quoting excerpts from the full post… If you like what you read, click on the first link to read the entire post on…
The Clipmarks application seems like a pretty cool way to share some tips and items of interest along the way… And, I’ll have to “get me” some of the recommended earth-friendly beauty products described in this particular site that I’ve “clipmarked” to share on my blog, being the “responsible hedonist” I am (well, I’ll have to work on the hedonist part of that…).
clipped from is the place for “responsible hedonism.” A new Sephora for the savvy organic and natural consumer, Futurenatural offers the best organic skin and hair care, makeup, fragrances, and body-loving basics. Owner/”natural beauty junkie”/writer (and former Australian farmer girl) Emma Pezzack has searched the world for organic/natural cosmetics and goodies that are as effective as they are lush. They are also fair-trade and environmentally conscious.
You eat organically and locally and sustainably. You clean your home with vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. So why are you still using makeup, moisturizer, and shampoo that contains known carcinogenic chemicals?
Finally, A One-Stop Shop That “Gets It”
Futurenatural’s motto is “Live well. Do Good. Look Gorgeous.” Sounds good to me. Get started at!
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One response to “Eco-Friendly Make-Up

  1. i love planet green and i love the website too.

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