A moment of gratitude can put the whole day in perspective!

In my October newsletter, I offered readers the chance to earn 20 clutter credits just for taking a moment to share one thing for which they are grateful… Taking time each day to think about something, anything, for which you are grateful really does help keep things in perspective… Here are the replies…

I am grateful that my husband, through his unmatched work ethic, has afforded me the opportunity to be an at-home mom so I can enjoy the early years with my wonderful kids and be more involved with my community.   ~ Tanya

…  All kidding aside, I am extremely grateful for my family’s health …  ~Kathy

… I’m grateful that even though I didn’t have a car for three weeks I had two legs, a healthy heart and a safe town to walk around in.  ~Maura

Well, when I wrote the newsletter, it was a particularly crazy week (I am trying not to apply that designation to every week of my life but it just was)…  Anyway, I was chatting with my father and sister, telling them the latest about Time Well Spent, and I just had to laugh as I told them that I was grateful that day for finding 4 quarters in the car with which to buy probably the equivalent of a cup of gas… I had run out last minute to a doctor’s appointment sans any money, driver’s license (don’t tell my husband the state trooper!), nothing… My eldest had left the tank below empty (thanks, Court!). I made it to the doctor’s literally on fumes and then found the much-appreciated coins through a quick search of the car..

Rather than letting it aggravate me, I really did think instead of what I would have done without those quarters. I was so relieved that I didn’t run out of gas, I even joked with the Cumby’s salesperson rather than be so shallow as to be embarrassed by this amusing purchase of exactly $1 of gas made in coins no less at a time when the price of gas was over $4…

Now, if I had actually run out of gas, I hope I would have put that into perspective as well.

Reminds me of a new something for which to be grateful… The lower cost of gas… $2.25 today in Ipswich. I know it is actually a reflection of the economy being in the tank, but perhaps it is true, maybe every cloud really does have a silver lining…

Thanks for the moments of gratitude gals. 20 points for each of you!

If you are reading this and it is still 2008…you may add your own moment of gratitude, whether big or small, and you’ll “earn” 20 clutter credits, too! N.

p.s. Along with a healthy dose of gratitude, a good sense of humor can go a long way to making the best of any situation…


One response to “A moment of gratitude can put the whole day in perspective!

  1. In a Gratitude Watch posted on a blog called The Meaning of Existence (and all that), this gratitude post was included along with many other posts on the toic of gratitude. Here’s the link:


    I’m grateful to have been included and drawn to Daniel’s site!


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