Thanks for donations and support of the DeClutter For Good yard & garden tool drive ~ Encouraging Sustainability & Healthy Choices

With thanks to Marini Farm, Wolf Hill Garden Center  & Tedford & Martin’s Hardware for their willingness to place a collection box and to service learning teens Drew Wood and Mitchell Klimowicz, this drive was a bit tougher to execute but still resulted in a trunk filled with garden tools (with plenty of useful life left in ’em) delivered to Wellspring House in Gloucester, A special word of thanks to Sallie Felton for her generous donations of used garden tools. Living right here on Boston’s North Shore, Sallie is a life coach and declutter expert and author who walks the walk as she talks the talk. Her approach to life change is profound in its simplicity, “Start Where You Stand.”

Wellspring House is an amazing organizations that works tirelessly to help people work their way out of difficult circumstances.  A visit to their website ~  where there URL heading reads “Helping Families Move Out of Poverty to Achieve More Secure & Fulfilling Lives” ~  is at once humbling and inspiring ~ certainly “time well spent” and highly recommended. Farmer Mitchell was thrilled with the donations as was Executive Director Kay O’Rourke, pictured with me in the photo below.  The backyard farm Mitchell tends provides food for the entire staff and then some, with all of their extra crops going to another homeless shelter in Gloucester. 

A winter DeClutter For Good drive I ran resulted in hundreds of pieces of business clothing and accessories donated to Wellspring House, so I’ll toss in thanks to all who contributed to that including Regina Reis’ Dinner with the Girls group and a heads up that I hope to do another DeClutter For Good business attire drive in the fall.


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