Taking Time to Show Gratitude for help with all the DeClutter For Good drives

With summer nearly over, it’s important that I take a moment to extend my belated thanks for all the community support during the spring series of DeClutter For Good donation drives. Here they are in brief, with the 3 preceding posts providing more details with all the appropriate and very sincere thanks extended.

DeClutter Sports Equipment For Good

Teaching my own son Mark about service learning was an added treat!

SPORTS EQUIPMENT DeClutter For Good Drive

 helping those in need of sports equipment

via Playing It Forward


DeClutter Beanie Babies For Good

The creative photographer at the Ipswich Chronicle made for an unexpected keepsake for the service learning teens.

BEANIE BABIES DeClutter For Good Drive

 bringing a smile to children in war-torn countries

via Operation Troop Support


DeClutter Garden Tools For Good Drive

So often I don't think to take a picture of making the deliveries ~ but it's my favorite moment, no doubt!

YARD & GARDEN TOOLS DeClutter For Good Drive 

encouraging sustainability & healthy choices

for disadvantaged families in Gloucester, Massachusetts

via Wellspring House

The drives were held as part of my pre-launch efforts at Time Well Spent, my mission-driven start-up that strives to help people help others and the environment. Overall, the spring drives were a big success and a great deal was learned along the way. Testing the concept is so important as I fine-tune my vision to help people clear the clutter that gets in the way of our ability to live our best life, keeping it out of the waste stream, and getting it into the hands of those in need through service organizations, while highlighting their good work along the way. In time, that clutter which can’t be re-used “as is” will be repurposed at Time Well Spent in the creation of new products that inspire all to consider their consumer impact when it comes to the mindful purchase of products that are both people- and earth-friendly… But, for now, DeCluttering For Good has already proven to be time well spent.

Keeping it short and sweet ~  to the degree that is possible for me ~  I’ve divided my summaries into several posts with heartfelt thanks to all involved and lots of links to click on to learn more and support others doing good work for those in need and the environment. Know that my thanks extend to each and every person who made a donation, even if it was only a single item.  Contributing to the collective effort and helping to make a difference is what’s so empowering.

Carpe Diem ~ Nancy


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