Is your Time Well Spent? Is mine? Figuring that out is part of the journey…

With this post, I’m letting my friends, new and old, know that I’ll be taking the first 2 weeks of August off from Time Well Spent…. How will time off help to make Time Well Spent a reality?!  While I won’t be “working,” per se,  I am going to take the time to consider my life balance wheel. So a bit of a busman’s holiday…  If I really pay attention and do the work of assessing my life (well, jump-starting the process which will then become an ongoing process of reassessment), then I should be stronger and more able to focus on my stewardship to the Time Well Spent mission.

Through my journey to date ~ passing two and a half years and counting ~  I’ve become familiar with the concept of the life balance wheel… Because I haven’t done enough research to recommend any one version of the wheel over another, I suggest a google search for those who think a little life balance work might be in order. But, time is limited ~ our most limited resource here on earth in fact ~ so here’s a pic of a version of the wheel that is just a little different (in a good way, I think) and a link to one of the many sources I found:


The site, called Transformation One , looks great, which is why I’m sharing it… I just haven’t reached out to make a connection with the founders that would lead me to formally recommend this site over another. So a disclaimer of sorts with my first impression being that the founders are the real deal ~ eager to help others live their best life. Click on the wheel and you can check out the Transformation One site and see what you think. (Feel free to share your impression with me via email or a comment below.)

And, for those new to TWS or in need of a refresher, here’s the gist of it & “of” me:

My goal is to help people improve the quality of their own lives, the lives of those in need and the environment ~ in a way that is empowering and inspiring, rather than adding to one’s sense of burden or guilt. The vehicle for my mission is our collective clutter ~ Taking that which is creating obstacles in our own lives, keeping it out of the waste stream, and getting it into the hands of those in need and using it to create earth-friendly and people-friendly products that carry the message of mindful repurposing.

My vision for Time Well Spent ultimately (and whether under my leadership or someone else more capable is secondary to that vision) is the creation of real “brick and mortar” centers for use by local communities as well as an online presence that brings together the positive energy of those who are focused on living a happy and fulfilled life of mindful awareness, with focused intent on a sense of purpose and stewardship to fellow (hu)man and Mother Earth…  Deep stuff on the one hand, yet incredibly simple at the same time…. I love that…

So, just as “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and nothing worth doing comes easy, the journey to create Time Well Spent is just that ~ a journey toward living a life of “time well spent.”   As the person to whom this idea came, the more I can get my own life’s journey in focus and on the right path, the stronger Time Well Spent will be ultimately.

In business terms, it’s a social enterprise, a triple-bottom-line endeavor, conscious capitalism ~ I love intellectual discussions on the intricacies and differences between the current business models that embrace, to varying degrees, the concept of doing good through business.  That said, when it gets right down to it (and I love this, too), the discussions are secondary to the intention ~ an intention to do good and create and share a vision of lasting change for the better.

Creating a completely new concept isn’t about how fast I can get the doors open. It’s about authenticity and ultimately the creation of a strong foundation upon which the concept is built. One thing is for sure, Time Well Spent will be anything but “business as usual,” what it will be, truly, is “business for good.”  And, that, my friends, is what keeps me working in service to this mission.

Will taking time to re-energize and re-focus, to consider whether my life has balance help move Time Well Spent forward? Only time will tell! I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks!

 Wishing all who read this peace & love in their hearts and lives and, as always, my hope for all to seize the day in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to you on your journey to a life of Time Well Spent.

Carpe Diem  ~ Nancy


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