DeClutter For Good ~ A Part of the Time Well Spent Plan Helping People in Need

Got a kick out of reading this description written in fall 2008, just before my first DeClutter For Good drive…

Click Here to read the full description if you don’t know what DeClutter For Good is all about!

Nancy at Cradles to Crayons

While it's ideal to quantify the impact of your efforts in social enterprise, and I did just that for quite a time, suffice to say I ran multiple drives for Cradles to Crayons and made many delivery trips, the car filled to the brim with donations, to their huge facility south of Boston. Here I am pictured with the organization's founder Lynn Margherio.

We’ve helped a lot of people in need through a lot of organizations since then… I’m overdue to write a follow-up, but here’s a list of the organizations I’ve passed along donations to thanks to DeClutter For Good drives:

Cornerstones Ipswich (toys, games, books, sports equipment)

More Than Words Books (books, books, books)

Wellspring House (business attire, garden tools)

Playing It Forward (sports equipment)

Cradles to Crayons (baby stuff, kids’s stuff, clothes and toys)

Solutions At Work (business attire)

Fairygodmother (Prom Dresses)

Lynn Community Health Center (books)

Troop Support Danvers (beanie babies – delivery pending!)

And, I haven’t even opened the doors of Time Well Spent as a working center yet! I’m so glad that I’ve taken this action-while-planning approach to the pre-launch. Think of all the people I’ve been able to help people help already! Time Well Spent…

Here’s to more of the same, and then some!

Carpe Diem ~ Nancy


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