The true meaning of Time Well Spent…

To those who check in regularly, are aware of my efforts with Time Well Spent, or have simply stumbled upon my weblog…

I’ve had to change gears and am spending time right now helping my mother (and father) through some health issues. They are 85 years young and filled with as much humor and love as ever, though they are just realizing they are “getting old” in terms of their physical bodies! For the time being, time spent with them, advocating for them and seeing to their needs emotionally and physically ~ sharing plenty of laughs and treasured memories with them along the way to be sure ~ is going to be my priority and most certainly the true-est way for me to know my time is well spent.

2005 pic of my folks with me after my "first" dance recital ~ ceili dancing with the moms at my daughter's Irish dance school's 10th anniversary recital! They are so supportive of me, even when they don't quite understand me ~ unconditional love of a parent ~ gotta love it!

 Plenty to learn about here in the meantime. Follow me on twitter and facebook (links are connected to my TWS logo and my photo) and/or sign up for my newsletter, knowing that things may be a little quiet on my efforts to launch my service-driven business for a while. I’ll be back with renewed conviction to my concept to help people in the suburbs live a quality life each day, for themselves, their families, those in need and the environment.

Until Next Time,  Peace & Good Health to you and all those you hold dear…

Carpe Diem,


P.S. JULY UPDATE  on my Mother’s Condition ~ Walking the Time Well Spent Walk with Work/Life Balance a Part of the Puzzle…

We did get a treatable diagnosis for my mother  and I think it is important to share in case it helps expedite just one person’s diagnosis who is suffering from PMR Disease. My mother received her diagnosis after a painful and painfully long week + (not too long in the grand scheme of thing but, gosh, it felt like forever).

So, now, with her permission, I’m telling everyone just a little about her experience PMR Disease ~ Poly Myalgia Rheumatica Disease … Just like it sounds! Many painful inflammatory autoimmune ~  I suggest “googling it” to anyone who knows of an older person with a sudden onset of pain or a supposed “worsening” of existing arthritis (a common misdiagnosis)… When you search for the description, there should be a pic of my mom (jk ~ she fit the symptoms to a T).

Happy news is it is treatable w/LOW dose steroids and my mother is feeling great and with renewed conviction to staying that way! She’s back to her water aerobics, improving her diet to healthier choices and has added some weight training… And, lest we forget, she is 85! Without disrespecting her privacy, I would just like to acknowledge the grace and good humor she carried throughout the ordeal, trying to brighten the day of doctors and nurses “because they see so much suffering.” She was more concerned about my seeing her in pain than the pain (which was excrutiating) itself. In a word, she was and is amazing

My mother jokes that she’s recovered more quickly than I have from the ordeal! True that! In all honesty, it’s given me the pause needed to be sure that I finish regrouping personally and professionally, increasing my likehood of ultimately achieving my vision for Time Well Spent. As impatient as I can be to make it a reality (I mean, I’ve had the idea since January 2008), taking the time, as I have been (note that 2008 was not exactly yesterday), to really work out the logistics while walking the walk and talking the talk, it’s going to be so worth it in the end… All the groundwork, preparation, hours of networking, brainstorming, sharing, regrouping, learning, teaching, helping… It all is, and will be ~ you guessed it ~ Time Well Spent.

A quote Mom always gives credit to my Aunt Rita for, “Patience is a virtue, catch it if you can, seldom in a woman, never in a man!”  Have to chuckle at the blatant sexism of the early 1900s!

Continued thanks for the support ~ and patience ~ on the part of all those who support my vision for Time Well Spent.

Wishing You a Happy and Safe Summer 2010!


p.s. I’m still updating the Time Well Spent facebook page with posts about social enterprise and all things “doing good through best business practices that consider the impact on all stakeholders.”  Check it out and say hello!


2 responses to “The true meaning of Time Well Spent…

  1. Thank you Ellen… Took the opportunity to update the post so thanks for the kind words. It is where I need to be. It’s a fave pic, too. : )

    Carpe Diem ~ N.

  2. Ellen Swercewski

    Time well spent in the right place….where you need to be. Beautiful photo.

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