DeClutter For Good Update ~ April’s Beanie Baby Drive

Time Well Spent’s  DeClutter For Good drive in April brought in approximately 350 Beanie Babies… But, that’s not the final count because this was another drive that service learning teens from Ipswich High took on for their community service project…

In better-late-than-never fashion, Robbie and Jeffrey (the two teens on this project) wrote a letter to the editor and ended up with an article and color photo on the front page of The Ipswich Chronicle ~ above the fold even! Once the Chronicle posts it to their website, I’ll post it here…

In the meantime, here’s a link to Operation Troop Support in Danvers ~ the organization that the teens will deliver all the Beanie Babies to so that they can include it in their weekly shipment to our troops who, in turn, will get the little stuffed critters into the hands of children in war-torn countries.

And, since the delivery hasn’t been made yet, it’s not too late to add your Beanie Babies to the total! There’s a drop-off box at Ipswich High School that I expect will be there through the end of this week. Or, leave a comment here and we can make drop-off (or possibly even pick-up) arrangements!


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