DeClutter Garden Tools For Good Letter to the Editor written by the Teen Service Learning Kids

Mitchell and Drew have been learning all about the logistics of running a drive ~ not brain surgery but not quite a piece of cake ~ with much to be worked out!

Here’s their letter to the editor, highlighting the needs, the recipient organizations and the businesses who have generously offered to “host” a drop-off box:

Dear Editor,

To benefit those in need, we are running a used lawn and garden tools drive as our Ipswich High school community service project during the last two weeks in May. With the help of Time Well Spent, we are hoping to collect as many tools as possible to benefit some of the following organizations: Cornerstones Ipswich, Wellspring House Gloucester, and any other local organizations helping those in need. These tools will make a difference to those in need by helping them to grow their own vegetables this summer. If any other local organizations would like to receive some of the donated tools, we would be happy to forward them along.

To request donated items or for more information, please contact Time Well Spent founder Nancy Gallant at We will be setting up collection boxes at these generous community-minded businesses: Wolf Hill, Tedford’s, and Marini’s Farm. You can help to “DeClutter For Good” by clearing out old tools from your shed, barn or garage, including old rakes, shovels, and such that still have useful life and dropping them at one of the drop-off locations. Thank you for helping to spread the word with regard to this important used lawn and garden tools drive.


Mitchell Kand Drew W


Also, I just learned that The Food Project can indeed use some donations for their community gardeners! I’m looking forward to getting tools out of folks’ garages, barns and sheds and put to good use helping to farm the land and feed those in need locally! It’s all good…all Time Well Spent!

I’ll fill in links for all the recipient organizations soon but find myself on the run today ~ this Time Well Spent stuff takes up quite a bit of TIME! : )

But, my long-time supporters know what I say…

Carpe Diem! N.


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