Forecast for April – Showers of Beanie Babies – Donate Yours to a Great Cause

Kids will be kids ~ and here's a pic of a group of kids in Baghdad so happy with their beanie babies. For more great pics, click on the photo to go to the Beanies For Baghdad site.

This month’s DeClutter For Good donation drive is quite focused, and, I hope, quite worthwhile… Along the way, there’s the opportunity to stop and reflect on the circumstances of children in war-torn parts of our world as well as the safety and well-being of our brave men and women in uniform putting their lives on the line to help those in need of peace and security. Beanie Babies?? “Who woulda thunk it?”

Indeed, Beanie Babies are the perfect size for our soldiers to keep in their backpacks, ready to take out this gift of kindness at a moment’s notice. Think of the smiles and joy these little stuffed creatures ~ of all variety of color and species ~ can bring to a child in a war-torn country who has so little. What a great use of the beanie babies that many of us ~ yours truly included ~ purchased in excess for our kids because it was the “in” thing! 

If you got ‘em, dig ‘em out from the closet, under the bed, in the attic… No Beanie Babies in your home? Please share this news with the people you think of when you think of Beanie Babies!

DeClutter Beanie Babies For Good

Drop-Off Day 

Sunday, April 25th


 @ Time Well Spent’s Pre-Launch Office

(click here for directions)

Reply to this post if you’d like to arrange an alternative date/time.

 In addition to the drop-off day on the third weekend of the month, Robbie and Jeffrey are this month’s service learning students working on taking the collection to the townspeople of Ipswich and surrounding communities. So, locals can watch for more details in the newspaper and on flyers.

Idea! Be a collection point – whether at work or in the neighborhood, spread the word about this month’s DeClutter For Good drive and I can arrange to have our service learning teens pick them up from you!

If you have any questions or would like to make alternative drop-off or pick-up arrangements, simply respond to this email.  As always, if you know of a local service organization that would benefit from our current drive, please encourage them to be in touch.


2 responses to “Forecast for April – Showers of Beanie Babies – Donate Yours to a Great Cause

  1. Nancy,
    When can I deliver my beanie babies for you to donate to the soldiers?
    Thanks so much!
    Diane A

    • Diane ~

      The drop-off day is always the third Sunday of the month, so it will be April 25th this month with all the details in the blog post. You can email me at nancyDOTgallantATcomcastDOTnet to arrange an alternative if that day doesn’t work for you.

      Thanks and Carpe Diem ~ Nancy

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