Time Well Spent finished Top-Third of 290 great ideas for change in Pepsi Refresh Campaign

While my calendar is generally filled with pre-launch efforts and ongoing DeClutter For Good drives, March was extra crazy and extra long for me because of my attempt to secure $50,ooo in seed funding through Pepsi’s Refresh Everything grant contest. Though Time Well Spent didn’t end up “in the money,” the experience was meaningful, nevertheless.


My entry finished at #93 out of 290 ideas in the $50,000 category. The ideas were all fabulous and reflect so much energy toward positive change that I am happy with my top-third finish.

In fact, as a result of finishing in the top 100, Pepsi automatically held my entry over for the month of April! After careful consideration, I told Pepsi that I won’t be pursuing their prize this month. As nice as it was of them to carry my entry over, my time needs to be better spent taking care of spring DeClutter For Good drives and working on the numbers portion of the business plan.


Heartfelt thanks for being with me through the ride are extended to all of you who took the time to vote for my entry. Special thanks to those who went the extra mile, spreading the word and sharing the link with your own circle of friends and family.

Special thanks to all of those who shared kind words of support and encouragement during the Pepsi effort, including friends and family near and dear to my heart. It means so much to me and is a reflection of the wonderful people and organizations that have enriched my life already through this process. I was both humbled and buoyed by the sentiments shared.

Here are comments from three wonderful people I have worked with from local service organizations during this extended pre-launch phase:

 “Nancy–you’re my hero! You’ve accomplished much on your road to a full blown launch of Time Well Spent. Your energy, enthusiasm and commitment to the ideals embodied in your business plan are contagious!”   

    ~ Anne Wunderli, Pine Street Inn & Social Enterprise Alliance   


 “Nancy is a FORCE! She has not only created an amazing idea but also uses it to support other organizations, like More Than Words, to move their missions forward! We are so grateful for all of Nancy’s support and think this idea should GROW AND TAKE OFF!”                                                                                                                         

      ~ Jodi Rosenbaum Tillinger, More Than Words    

“Time Well Spent’s been a consistent and effective social enterprise w/ little to no funding. I can only imagine the accomplishments if TWS is shown the same level of support Nancy has given to multiple NPOs and the communities they serve. Original idea + effective results = deserving your vote.”                                                               

       ~ Josh Nespoli, Cradles to Crayons   

Anne, Jodi & Josh ~ I can’t thank you enough for such kind words from three people whom I respect so much. And, thanks for all you do on behalf of those in need and in your efforts to advance the concept of social enterprise. ~ Nancy

Thanks again for all the Pepsi support! I’m happy it’s April and I can refocus on Time really Well Spent!

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