Wrapping Up the March DeClutter Sports Equipment For Good Drive

This photo was taken by Nicole Goodhue Boyd for the Ipswich Chronicle. Click the photo to read the entire article.


Mark, Will and Brendan, three service learning teens from Ipswich High School who are helping Time Well Spent this spring, have been seeing first hand all the logistics involved in “DeCluttering For Good” ~ the “simple” effort to collect that which we have too much of and get it in the hands of those who are in need. Actually, by doing all the legwork, we are making the process simple for those who want to contribute ~ helping people help others and the environment…  The logistics, however, are a bit more involved! From sending emails, to getting permission to post flyers and position collection boxes, to alerting the media via their well-written letter to the editor and being interviewed and photographed for a front-page article, as a result…. It is my hope these young men are learning a bit about themselves and about stewardship to Fellow Man and Mother Earth in the process!

At this point, these three students, aka “the boys,” are gathering and sorting the donations that came in to all the schools in Ipswich – the Doyon and Winthrop grammar schools and the Middle School/High School. One local organization that provides services to young people in need, Cornerstones Ipswich, is thrilled to know we will be bringing them an assortment of balls and equipment to get the kids they serve out and active!

Also, arrangements are in the works to bring Michael Cambra, local Sportsgift.org coordinator, to speak with next year’s juniors about service learning. Michael is leaving soon for a month in Africa, distributing sports equipment, particularly for soccer and basketball, from previous donations he has received. His visit to the high school will be worth the wait.  Reply to this post if you still have sports equipment/uniforms/cones to donate. Click here to visit the Time Well Spent FANpage discussion page where the service learning kids have been keeping track of their activities on the drive.


One response to “Wrapping Up the March DeClutter Sports Equipment For Good Drive

  1. Hi Nancy, I’m glad you brought attention to this obvious but overlooked topic of unused sports equipment.

    Twitter @JohnBergdoll

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