March DeClutter For Good ~ Sports Equipment w/Community Service Learning Helpers from IHS

March marks the first of 3 months during which juniors from Ipswich High School will be earning community service credit by helping out at Time Well Spent. I look at school community service requirements as an opportunity for service learning ~ where students truly learn to understand and appreciate the depth and breadth of opportunities to participate in activities and events that are focused on serving and improving the “community.” I teach the students right off the bat to see concentric circles of community, from the school community to the town, the area, the state, the country and ultimately, the global community.  Teaching stewardship to fellow man and Mother Earth through service learning is a topic that I feel very passionate about. I could go on, but I’ll get down to the business at hand ~ this month’s DeClutter For Good Donation Drive ~ Used Sports Equipment.

Here’s the Letter to the Editor written by this month’s service learning students (full disclosure ~ one of them is my son Mark!) posted in the March 11th Ipswich Chronicle:

Dear Editor,
We would like to draw the people’s attention to the massive problem of underprivileged youth in our local communities who are unable to play sports simply because they cannot afford things such as baseballs and basketballs. To combat this problem, for our community service project, with the help of the social enterprise Time Well Spent, founded by Nancy Gallant, we are running a sports equipment drive during the month of March as part of the organization’s DeClutter For Good programs, which help us to work collectively to get the clutter out of our homes and into the hands of those in need. Nancy’s mission is to awaken, educate and empower the suburban community to live with mindful awareness of daily choices regarding use of time, talent, energy & resources, resulting in authentic happiness and personal fulfillment through purpose-driven service to self, family, those in need and the environment. What we are asking of the community is to gather up any out of use or outgrown sports equipment from your house, such as balls, cleats, bats, rackets, clubs, sticks, pads, uniforms, gloves, etc. and bring it to one of our collection boxes. These will be at Ipswich High School, Doyon Memorial School, and Winthrop School, and on March 21, you can bring equipment to Time Well Spent, located on 89 Turnpike Road/Rte. 1, #208. After we collect all of the equipment, we will then pass it on to The Sports Gift Network, which gets the equipment to where it is needed in underprivileged communities. The purpose of this drive is not only to help clean out your garage or basement of all of your unused equipment, but also help those in need, so you can help improve your own lives as well as the lives of the people around you.
Thank you,

Mark G, Will G, and Brendan C

For a list of acceptable items, click here.

If you are aware of an organization on the North Shore that could benefit from the donation of sports equipment, be sure to let them know about our drive so we can set aside the appropriate donations for them.

Questions? Ask away…


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