The Business Side of Time Well Spent

As a social enterprise, the business model for Time Well Spent is ultimately financially self-sustaining. I have full confidence in the multiple revenue streams that will fund the mission on an ongoing basis.
Imagine that?! Serving a social and environmental mission without having to seek annual grants ~ so that the organization’s time is focused on furthering the mission rather than chasing down grant dollars, and so that the limited grant funds that do exist are left available to organizations with objectives that cannot be supported by the free market. It’s also known as  conscious capitalism, and I believe it is the key to a brighter future for our country, and consequently, our world.
At this point, I need to either find the start-up capital I need to launch Time Well Spent or find employment to help the family meet the bills, putting Time Well Spent on the back burner for a few years. I’m not complaining! Just getting a real-word dose of the importance of money! Guess which I’d rather do?  Getting a job would actually be easier, but my sense of obligation to my mission is unwavering! If any of my newsletter readers have personal or business connections that might help with regard to the seed funding, of course, please let me know!                                 
My two most likely sources of seed funding (with links for more details) are:
(Motivation is investment to help facilitate positive social change)
(Sustainable alternative to grant-funding for Foundations)
To discuss the funding topic further:
Contact me anytime! Seriously…anytime!

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