Pepsi Refresh Project VOTING for Time Well Spent ~ Every Day in March!

I’m still filling in some of the links below but here’s the Welcome Page for PEPSI Project… Like Time Well Spent, always a work in progress… Waiting for perfection wastes time that can be spent putting the concept into action (that’s the theory I’m going by, anyway!)

Welcome to new visitors drawn by the Pepsi Refresh Project and to long-time supporters of my concept for Time Well Spent~ a comprehensive new business concept based on the triple-bottom-line of people, planet and profits.

Thank you for your serious consideration and support…


Here are just Three Reasons

Your TIME Supporting our Funding Effort

will be WELL SPENT: 



The concept is replicable.

Once we create Time Well Spent in one suburban community, it can be brought to scale, repeated in community after community, helping so many people throughout the country help their Fellow Man and Mother Earth.


The concept is sustainable.

Once the initial launch period is behind us, the business model is designed to depend on multiple streams of income. All activities will simultaneously generate the funds to stay in business even as the activities serve the social and environmental mission. That’s social enterprise. That’s sustainable business. That’s conscious capitalism. That’s the triple-bottom-line. Call it whatever you want, it’s the best business practices used to benefit all stakeholders. And, as such it will serve as an example to others and teach about social enterprise even as it serves the mission.


The worthy mission serves an unmet need.

People in the suburbs want to help. Finding how and where to begin is the problem. By facilitating that process ~ while increasing awareness of our daily lifestyle and consumer choices ~ we are able to help all stakeholders involved including those wanting to help others, those service organizations struggling to help others, those in need and, never to be forgotten, our environment. What’s more, all of the activities and sponsorship opportunities go a long way to help the local small businesses as well as the local creative artisans and artists. Not bad for one wonderful, inspiring and empowering Eco-Arts & Creative Repurposing Community Enrichment Center.

Ready to vote? Great!

Click here to go right to the voting page for Time Well Spent.


Need more information? Absolutely!

Plenty on this site and links on the Social Media page.


Want to learn more ways to help? Fantastic!

Once I make that page (it’s on my list!) I’ll provide a link to it! In the meantime, tweet all about it, share on Facebook, talk about it, anything (and everything!) to get the word out!



Want to ask the person who came up with this concept a question and has been working on it for nearly 2 years? Well, that’s me! Nancy Darcy Gallant. Plenty to learn about me on the About Me page ~ Most importantly, I am passionate about the concept and am dedicated to making it a reality while advancing the concept of social enterprise to expedite positive change.

I love questions, comments, feedback and suggestions. Comment here. Email me. Direct Message. Call me. But, fair warning! I can talk about Time Well Spent for a long time, from the little details to the conceptual vision. Heck, I even get excited about the funding piece (ask me about Program Related Investment) and legal stuff (I know! Amazing! Ask me about the latest business form ~ L3C).

Thanks for taking the time to support Time Well Spent!

Carpe Diem ~ Nancy


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