Next Stop on the Tour of the Space: The Common Ground

Having technical difficulties uploading photos from home. I’ll add them when I’m at the office! Or, you can always visit Time Well Spent’s facebook FANpage to see plenty of pics. Into facebook? Become a fan while you are there!

Now, on with the “tour”:

Connecting the different work areas at Time Well Spent will be the Common Ground. Open to the public, the Common Ground will be the main retail component of Time Well Spent (though retail merchandise will be displayed throughout the entire center serving as both decoration and inspiration). The sale of quality products and merchandise will provide an important stream of income, necessary to the financial-self-sustaining mission.

Equally important, the retail space will provide an ongoing opportunity for consumers to purchase great products at great prices while contributing to the local economy and to the worthwhile mission of Time Well Spent through something as basic as the occasional purchase to meet a common want or need. Product offerings will include functional creations and whimsical gifts via consignment relationships with artist members and local art associations. The consignment relationships will reflect yet another win-win business opportunity at Time Well Spent, highlighted by the increased exposure of the works of many talented area artists, artisans and crafters without the accompanying headaches of retail shop ownership. These relationships will reflect the value placed on support for the local economy from both a human and environmental perspective.

Sales offerings will also include cutting-edge, environmentally-conscious products from eco-driven businesses that are sincere in their commitment to minimizing man’s negative impact on it. The latest and greatest in eco-friendly products will also be featured prominently in the product mix. Along with meeting the needs of the consumer, the availability of “green” products will increase awareness of the environmental issues which we face now, gently reminding all that today’s adults have an obligation not only to the environment but also to the future generations of mankind who will inherit the world, environmental, social issues, and all. The Common Ground will have the potential for multi-function use in that the physical layout will provide flexibility through the use of movable creative display units fashioned from old doors. That makes good business sense and good environmental sense.

If you’d like to learn more about the various areas that comprise Time Well Spent, click on the following links:

 The ReCycle For Good WALL


To visit the page dedicated to an overview of the entire multi-use center ~ get your beverage of choice and make yourself comfy ~ and click here!



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