Thanks to 2 Special Ladies ~ Debra Crosby and Barbara DiLorenzo

From time to time, people go that extra mile.  Here are two women whose expert help means the world to me:

Debra Crosby

A Quest TV Productions 

An award-winning acting coach and videographer of business professionals, Debra is as sincere as she is dynamic. She knows how to bring out the best of you in the view! She helped me to learn how to describe Time Well Spent confidently and concisely and captured it on video. Folks who know me best are thinking, “ Really? Nancy concise? Really??” Well, as close to concise as I can get with this fabulous, comprehensive new concept I am passionate about…

I’m having trouble getting them on this weblog. I’ll keep trying ! In the meantime…

Click here to go to my YOUTUBE Page for all 4 of  the short videos Debra made of ME talking about Time Well Spent!

Barbara DiLorenzo  

Wavepaint Gallery and Studio 

Wavepaint Logo

Barbara is a talented artist and graphic designer (a fabulous combination) and a lover of all things green and repurposed! She has art classes and “artsy” events at her lovely studio in Ipswich that are definitely worth checking out.

Barbara helped me polish up my LOGO design for online use. What do you think?  

Barbara did an amazing job respecting my design and cleaning it up!

Barter and/or Sponsorship Opportunities

I love to connect with other purpose-driven people, and help them to connect with one another. If you are interested in exchanging talents, let’s chat about the possibilities. I’ll be sure to give you lots of shout-outs ~ both online and offline!


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