Last-Minute Local Shopping on North Shore – Add’em if You Got ’em

I’m making my list (checking it twice, hohoho) to fill in the blanks on the Christmas gift-giving list. The list is definitely shorter this year, both for financial reasons and in an effort to attempt to support the more simplified, organized life I am seeking (hmmm… ask me another time how that’s working out for me!) 

Anyway, since I’m hitting a few locally-owned, locally-made businesses, I thought I’d share.

Read on for details of local wines, local marshmallows and more…

LOCALLY GROWN/MADE WINE @ Alfalfa Farm in Topsfield ~ Buying Some Wine for Mom and Hubby

Alfalfa Farm still makes me think of one of my very first field trips which, believe me, was a LONG time ago. At the time, it was a dairy farm. It has been reborn since then as a winery. Pretty cool. I’m on their mailing list and they do a lot of volunteer involvement so something for all lovers of wine and adventure to add to their email list. And, for those buying for locavores and/or “buy local-lovers” who are  wine lovers, too, you might just want to pop over to their wine tasting event Wednesday afternoon to buy a bottle (or two) of one of their wines made onsite. 

When: Wednesday 12/23/09
Time: 1-5pm
Details: free wine tasting(21+ with ID) and cheese sampling.
Come in your WORST holiday sweater to compete
for a bottle of AFW wine and a bio in our spring newsletter.

For all the details and a nice peek at their site with lots of great photos, go to Alfalfa Farm Winery’s website.

Old Town Bread Company ~ Hand-made Marshmallows in Rowley ~ For the kids (actually for me!)

At Old Town Bread Company, right next to the Rowley Post Office in the “center” of town (that’s Route 1A north of the Clambox and south of Todd Farm Flea Market for those taking a little drive. Blink and you will miss it! They are old at heart – indeed, no website ~ imagine! Regardless, the proprietor makes amazing flavored marshmallows that make those “things” sold in bags at the grocery store seem more like a nerf sponge… The flavors included strawberry and mocha last year… I’ll update with flavors after I make my marshmallow run.  These festive treasures look great atop a stocking as well ~ Thats, just FYI in case Santa is reading…

The Agawam Diner – gift certificates to the Diner (for my college freshman while she is home on break. She prefers to eat there rather than home. No, you DO NOT hear me complaining.

 These gift certificates will put a smile on the recipient’s face twice – when they get it and when they redeem it. Banana cream pie for me (after a grilled hamburger). Yum.  Like Old Town Bread Company, this place is also following the old time pre-internet no website tradition. The Agawam Diner (fondly known as The Diner or The Agawam) really doesn’t need a website. There are plenty of great reviews of their food, sales of artistic renderings of the diner, even a Wikipedia page… And, why not? After all, only the most tried and true of local businesses can truly claim inclusion on the US National Register of Historic Places. Even the name of the diner is a reference to the history of the area which lays claim to one of the oldest sites of Native American life in the country. Okay, don’t quote me on it but COOL, cool history in the area – especially our family’s hometown of Ipswich (most First Period standing homes, where they planned the Boston Tea Party (and you event planners know planning is what it is all about… but that’s a post (or two)  for another day!

Almost Forgot! Ipswich Cookbook – Fundraiser for Class of 2011

A nice gift for the Ipswich lover new or old. Nice pic on the cover! Truthfully, my daughter took the pic… She has more shots of Ipswich at Courtney Gallant Photography. The cookbooks are $20. I have a few. All the proceeds go to Class of 2011. I’ve offered to try to sell a few for them!

Eco-Creations made by ME!

Still stuck, I have some eco-creations available for short money. After all, my goal isn’t to make a bunch of money selling repurposed scrabble pieces made into earrings or brooches made from vintage buttons. They do, however, spread my message of mindful awareness of consumer choices that are people-friendly (fair trade) and eco-friendly…

Here’s a link to my Etsy Shop …

and a link to more photos on Time Well Spent’s Facebook FAN Page

Extra points with Santa if you become a FAN!

Send me an email or leave me a comment if you want to meet me at the pre-launch office (near the Majestic Dragon – ooh, not a bad idea to get gift certificate there for someone on your list – especially if they like Karaoke!)

Ho Ho Ho ~ Nancy

Well, that’s such a tiny sampling of great buy local opportunities on Boston’s North Shore. Have something special in mind to share. Feel free to add your recommendations in a comment.


2 responses to “Last-Minute Local Shopping on North Shore – Add’em if You Got ’em

  1. Thanks Jen! Green Meadows is a great local choice – someplace to remember in the summer, too. Their name suits them – very green!

  2. DOn’t forget Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton has lots of local gifts including bees wax candles.

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