Request for Volunteers – Community Service Opportunity for North Shore Teens

Service learning opportunities abound at Time Well Spent, a new social enterprise (serving a social and environmental mission within a financially-self-sustaining business model as opposed to funding through annual grant-seeking). Time Well Spent is an Eco-Arts & Creative Repurposing, Community Enrichment Center.  

 Service Learning Defined ~

 When community service opportunities include an understanding of the underlying needs that exist, the plan for helping, and the assessment of the benefits of the volunteer activity, that’s service learning! When the community service is in an area of interest for the volunteer, excitement for both learning and service are fueled. Ipswich High School students, particularly juniors searching for a meaningful community service experience, are encouraged to consider volunteering their time to a project of their choosing at Time Well Spent. Parents of students of all ages are welcome and encouraged to learn more about meaningful service learning opportunities for their children.

The volunteer opportunities at Time Well Spent can be divided into 2 categories, DeClutter For Good and Recycle For Good… Read on for all the details…

 DeClutter For Good ~ Volunteers Needed Now and Next Year

While Time Well Spent is still in its start-up phase overall, the “donations to charity” parts of the business model are in full swing in the form of Monthly DeClutter For Good donation drives. Currently Time Well Spent is wrapping up several drives. Students who need to add a few hours to their community service requirement or to add to the community service portion of their resume for college (including current seniors) can volunteer a few hours of their time in the next couple of weeks. Following are the current DeClutter For Good -related activities that are being wrapped up:

  • BOOKS for More Than Words
  • BUSINESS ATTIRE wrapping up business suits for women to WellSpring House(hands-on sorting of women’s business clothing donations and help with delivery to the WellSpring House ~ delivery to service organizations are always eye-opening, both surprising and inspiring).    
  • Children’s books, videos, games delivery to Cornerstones Ipswich in time for the holidays…


For 2010, there will be a year filled with monthly donation drives. The February drive is being supported by one local girl scout group. Individuals and groups interested in DeClutter For Good donation drive volunteer opportunities in 2010 are encouraged to contact Nancy Gallant at .

ReCycle For Good Wall ~ Meaningful Group Volunteer Projects

Ongoing Recycling For Good will take place via The Wall – where recycling is taken beyond the curb! Items that are typically put in the recycling bin or the trash are collected and directed to organizations that serve people in need or the environment. The service learning opportunities via The Wall are start-to-finish projects that include research, awareness building, collection drives and delivery – with learning and understanding every step of the way, of the needs that exist and the logistics involved like shipping and delivery.  Volunteers can focus on topics that spark an interest in them – and it is at that union of action and passion where lasting learning occurs.  

The Recycle for Good Wall projects are ideal for volunteer groups  of 3-5 students to undertake, each student contributing with a part of the overall project, drawing on their individual strengths and interest area. As a result, group learning is another benefit of participation. Groups are facilitated by Nancy Gallant, founder of Time Well Spent and long-time community volunteer with 8 years of experience working with children through Doyon’s Understanding Difference program.

Briefly, here are a few Recycle For Good topics that groups of students could work on, completing their entire service requirement:

  • Medicine Bottles for distribution of HIV medication in Africa (interest in medicine, women, children, global issues)
  • Beanie Babies to soldiers to give to kids in Iraq and Afghanastan (interest in military, children, global issues, beanie baby lovers)
  • Denim to be made into earth-friendly, people-friendly wall insulation (interest in environment, green building, jeans lovers)
  • Sneakers to be ground up and made into rubber flooring (interest in environment, sports, children, Nike lovers)
  • Cellphone collection for redistribution to various service organizations (interest in military, women, children, cellphone lovers)

Students, groups of students and/or their parents are encouraged to contact Nancy Gallant at  to learn more about volunteer service learning opportunities at Time Well Spent before making a commitment.


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