Letter From Wellspring House Regarding Volunteer Needs

Just got this December letter from Sarah Grow, my contact at Wellspring House. It provides a great picture of the good work they are doing, the serious needs that exist and opportunities to help. I didn’t take the time to blog about it, pulling out the highlights and such. Instead, with Sarah’s permission, I’ve reprinted the entire letter here. Bending the rules of good blogging to be sure – but social entrepreneurs need to know what rules to bend and, above all, to always be transparent – one of my favorite parts of helping others through doing business well.  Read on…

December, 2009

Hello Wellspring Volunteers! 

The Holiday Season is upon us, and I just wanted to give thanks to you all that give your time to Wellspring. It’s a busy, busy time of year with not only our education programs and shelter going full-throttle, but also our holiday programs. Everything you do has an impact on our families, and every hour you give helps families move out of poverty. Last year over 400 volunteers donated well over 5,000 hours of volunteer time. We at Wellspring are most thankful and humbled by your dedication.

 Currently, there are over 3000 homeless families in Massachusetts with 1000 families living in motels, so we are doing all we can to place our current shelter guests in permanent shelter so that these motel families can move into shelter. Our education programs are also on-going with some amazing tutors. Thanks to you all, our students are well on their way through their educational journey.

At this time of year, there are many ways to get involved. Our Holiday Meal program is hoping for donors to be matched to recipients (we also accept money donations for this program) and our Holiday Store, where families in need shop for their children is a week away! Monday Dec 7th from 8:30a-4:30p (we are not open during the weekend) is the last day to drop off gifts/donations or gift cards for this worthwhile program. Last year over 430 children in need received gifts thanks to this program. See below for more details.

 Special Volunteer Requests:

 Holiday Meal Programs: Volunteers will be needed to provide a meal for a family in need. You may also donate $25 per meal so that a food card can be provided. (Many of our families prefer this option so they can choose their own food.) In December, we will be accepting donations/volunteers from Dec 1 through Dec 12.

Holiday Store: We do have enough volunteers for the Holiday Store on Dec 12th and 13th (Thank you all for volunteering!!) but we do need some volunteers for the clean up on Monday morning Dec 14th. It starts early at 9a at Wellspring Cape Ann Families, so do email Sarah Grow if interested. The last day to drop gifts is Dec 7th (this Monday.) What’s unusual about this program is that ALL children are provided for, from birth to 18.  If you are considering helping with gifts during the holidays, please give a special thought to the many teens that are often forgotten during the holidays.

Office Organizer: If you love to organizer other people’s stuff, then this is the volunteer opportunity for you! Wellspring Cape Ann Families is looking for someone who can donate some time to help reorganize their space. Hours are flexible and Stacy Randell looks forward to working with you at your own pace. Contact Sarah Grow if interested.

Legislative Breakfast Event Coordinator: Volunteer will coordinate the details of the Legislative Breakfast that happens during April. Looking for a volunteer who sees the big-picture but also able to deal with the details. There will be clerical and administrative support available. Contact Sarah Grow if interested.

 As usual, please contact me if you are interested in any of the above (or have another idea) and feel free to give my contact information to anyone that maybe interested in getting involved in Wellspring.

 Special thanks to all of you that are having holiday celebrations (and birthday parties) in honor of Wellspring, or collecting for our holiday store at your work/business.

 May all your holidays be filled with joy! Looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

 Warmest wishes to you and your families,


 Sarah Grow

Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator

Wellspring House, Inc.

302 Essex Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

(978) 281 3558 Ext. 303

Fax (978) 281 6092

Wellspring House is a nonprofit organization that is committed to ending family homelessness. We provide education and job training, affordable housing, emergency shelter and family support programs on the North Shore. Wellspring’s mission is rooted in the vision of a just society in which people live interdependently and all have access to homes, education, jobs and basic needs.


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