The Board Room/Party Place ~ Fun for All Ages at Time Well Spent

While the majority of the physical space at Time Well Spent will reflect an open concept, with partial walls separating the key work spaces, the Board Room will provide a space for those times when it is preferable to be able to meet behind closed doors, adding functionality to the overall center. Like the other work areas, multiple uses of the Board Room will make sense from both an environmental and a business perspective.

Featuring a classic conference table, made from sustainable materials, and infused with personality that supports the Time Well Spent image, the space will be highly functional and versatile. For example, non-profits and triple-bottom-line businesses will be invited to use the space for board meetings. The space will also be available for use as a small workroom or as a classroom setting. Reflecting concepts key to the coworking community business model, the Board Room will provide artist and professional members alike with a setting for business meetings that is far more professional than that which is available at the corner coffee shop, consequently raising the perception of professionalism of the individual hosting the meeting.

Finally, mixing fun with purpose-driven intent, the space will be available for birthday parties, scout meetings and such. This will be important on many levels. It will serve as an important revenue stream as it fulfills a need that parents have to provide a positive birthday celebration for their children. In addition, it will help to increase interest and exposure to the Time Well Spent concept as parents of children attending parties will be invited to check out the membership opportunities. Most importantly, the parties will serve the mission in terms of educating, inspiring and empowering children to live with mindful awareness of the importance of their choices and the impact on quality of life for self, those in need and the environment. The dual use of the space as a board room and party place is, in itself, environmentally sound as an efficient use of space.

Take a few leftover Barbie shoes and add some vintage buttons and you are making an eco-statement that goes beyond fashion!


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