Massachusetts-born Mike Parziale a GreaseNotGas transplant to the West Coast ~ converting vehicles to run on waste veggie oil, spreading the word about alternative energy and sustainability and driving skiers and boarders in his Grease Bus

I’m so inspired by all the human energy put toward sustainability and conscious capitalism. I particularly love stories of the social and eco-entrepreneurs, rolling up their sleeves and doing the work… Here’s a personal favorite:


Here’s a great blog post from YoBeat (a snowboarding website) including an 11-minute video of Mike Parziale telling his story.

Check out Mike’s latest (ad)venture on his Grease Bus Website including an NPR interview on the grease not gas topic.

Here’s one of my favorite videos of Mike’s. Lots of chuckles and educational, too!

And, a few pics from Mike’s Grease Not Gas website:

And people think I’m crazy with my Time Well Spent concept!
Full disclosure, Mike’s my nephew…
mike halloween

Mike (aka Mighty Mouse) back when I used to babysit for him!

Regardless ~ It’s still all true! Check out the links, all!
And, keep up the great work, Mike!
Carpe Diem ~ Nancy

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