Last-Minute Request for Volunteer Help for Worthy Cause ~ Children in Need

I’ve gotten myself into a pickle and appreciate any help finding my way out. If it was just about me, I would let it go. But, on behalf of those in need, I feel I need to really try to make this work. So, the best of intentions have led to this teachable moment for me… Thanks for taking the time to read it, respond, forward… Any help is enormously appreciated.

I really need to be focused on getting the funding to take the next step with Time Well Spent (while bootstrapping my way along at craft events and spreading the word in general) in order to help more people, but…

Cradles to Crayons put out the word they need volunteers at their warehouse to process orders of clothing for children in need. So, without thinking it through, I signed up to bring 15-20 volunteers from 1-4pm on next Wednesday, Veteran’s Day. I thought I might be able to hook up with the community service program at the high school but should have realized that would be more easily said than done with permission slips and the like and their otherwise busy schedule.

So, I’m appealling to all my networking connections to see who might be interested in helping on that one afternoon. Volunteers of all ages are welcome including adults, kids under 15 with their parent, Kids under 18 need a signed permission slip.

If a few parents could make the time to spend the afternoon and drive their own teen and a couple of friends, I’m sure we can total 20 people with a little effort.

It is easy, fun, eye-opening and inspiring. For better or worse, there isn’t contact with the families in need. This is simply a matter of helping to sort through donations and fill orders (“shopping”) based on requests that come in from local service organizations for specific kids in need. They use volunteers all the time and have the process down to a very easy process, including 15 minutes of instruction to begin with and lots of laminated how-to sheets along the way. Here’s a link to their website and a description of their warehouse called The Giving Factory:

I have been there several times. It is a straight shot down through the city and literally three right hand turns, all of a mile, off the highway. Quincy can be hard to navigate but this place is easy to find.

Whether you have a teen who needs community service hours this year specifically, one that would benefit from more on their resume, or just want to get the family or yourself more actively involved in a service project in advance of the holidays, please let me know if you are able to participate. If so, let me know how many people and I can provide all the details. Again, it is 1-4, so the time commitment realistically is noon-5.

Thanks so much for seriously considering whether you can fit this in on the unusual day off mid-week. Good way to “practice what we preach,” teach about service, honoring the service given by veterans and acknowledging the many ways one can give to their fellow citizens.

Any questions, just ask!

email me at nancyDOTgallantATcomcastDOTnet.  Or, comment here.  Or send me a tweet @NancyTWS.


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