Next Stop on the Tour of Time Well Spent ~ The SOS Resource Library

Time Well Spent is designed as a multi-use center for collaboration and creativity, an inspiring place where our collective clutter is repurposed even as we find a renewed sense of purpose in our own lives.  It’s a comprehensive and original concept, so a great deal to take in, admittedly… So, I’ve been reviewing my vision for the center, space by space, in my last several newsletters and here on the weblog.

With our DeClutter For Good focus on books this month, it makes sense to share details of the S.O.S. Resource Library…

The S.O.S. Resource Library is the space within Time Well Spent for shared resources and shared ideas. Books on topics from how-to and self-help to good business practices to relationships and inspirational biography will be shared here, along with the latest magazines and catalogs. The source of the books and such is, of course, our collective clutter. Think of all that we can clear from our own overcrowded bookcases and magazine holders, along with the paper that can be saved on behalf of the environment, as folks cancel subscriptions, opting to check out their favorite periodical at Time Well Spent.

With transparency a cornerstone value at Time Well Spent, please note that a small selection of books that suit the library’s needs are sometimes kept from the donations to the DeClutter For Good drive. The vast majority are given to More Than Words and other recipient service organizations.

Also available for shared use in the S.O.S. Library will be a printer and basic office supplies. Solo-preneurs typically working from home can enjoy the benefits of their home office, minus the time-eating distractions of home, in the S.O.S. Resource Library. To take the concept of shared resources a step further, the S.O.S. Resource Library will be a great place to share of ourselves ~ just the place for meet-ups and book clubs, support groups and hobby circles.

I already have over 300 books in the library, these from my own collection, with about 50 more to add from donations over the past year.  Check out the list of books currently in the S.O.S. Resource Library on It’s a very cool site and free for collections of up to 200 books. Warning to book-lovers ~ You may find yourself creating your own LibraryThing profile and book collection!

I hope this has helped to provide a better, general understanding of The S.O.S Resource Library. For those interested in a more detailed description, click here when you are taking a coffee or tea break and want to spend your time well online… 

As always, your feedback and questions are welcomed and encouraged!


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