Blog Action Day ~ About CARE ~ Helping People Impacted by the Environment

CARE reached out to little ol’ me about Blog Action Day ~ They must be reaching out to everyone!

Of course, I went right to their website. Besides being flattered that they contacted me in the first place, I just love  a good mission-driven website. There’s so much good being done, in the face of great need admittedly, and with so much more to be done, but the online content of a socially-responsible website goes right to the topic of awareness building that I am all about….  

So, I took the time to visit the CARE site…  and 3 things quickly struck me as being on the same wavelength with my own beliefs and hopes for the future.

Read on for the list of 3…

1. Concern for People Leads to Concern for the Planet. (<—click there for a great CARE post on the topic!)

My mission is first and foremost a social one – how to help others by getting our clutter out of our way and putting it to good use – giving it to others or using it as the material to make new products. With all of my research and growing knowledge base, the “planet” aspect certainly plays an integral part in the comprehensive concept that is Time Well Spent. 

The more we live with mindful awareness of our daily lifestyle and consumer choices, the more we are aware of the impact of our options, on our own lives and on the environment, the planet we are keepers of on behalf of our children.  As well, we are more in tune with our environment, the one inside our homes and out, the materials we surround ourselves with, the effect of too much stuff on us, the calm that comes with order and respect for our surroundings… The outdoors, too, can be a great source of peace and inspiration, an important part of living an authentic life, everyday, finding happiness, peace of mind and clarity of purpose in the process… So, long as we take care of that great outdoors!

CARE’s mission is for PEOPLE, too ~ and for the planet that must sustain the people, with the people sustaining that very planet on which they rely for life itself… Very ying-yang!  Maybe I’ve been blogging too much today or maybe I just need to blog more often! Clarity of purpose is a great motivator!

 2. Poverty is a Crisis that Must be Addressed

For so long, poverty was just a word to me. Now it is much more… The reality that the daily existence of so many is completely limited by what they do not have, by just trying to meet their very basic needs.

The irony of our complaints about “having too much stuff” is something I often mention to people. I mention it not to judge or impress a feeling of guilt… If I did, I’d be first in the “guilty me” line.  The truth is that time spent on guilt and regret is not time well spent… Time to move forward and take action. Time to take our situation and find the positive in it. Too much clutter getting in your way? Well, let’s just collectively declutter and get it to those who need it… Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade ~ Life gives you too much clutter, make good use of the clutter! Take action. And, dumping it all in the trash isn’t the action I am talking about! My original Blog Action Day post is all about things we do with the clutter at Time Well Spent.

CARE has a take action approach to poverty… They know it is more than a word. Rather than presume the problem is just too big, CARE rolls up their proverbial sleeves and is taking action to attack the problems poverty creates and the problems that create the poverty… more ying and yang, more which comes first, the chicken or the egg?   Take action, with mindful awareness of your intent, and move forward in a way that addresses the challenges head on, eyes wide open!

3.  Women Must Play a Key Role

So much to say here… but so many other good blogposts to read…. From Girls for A Change  to Big Green Purse, women are the proverbial mothers of the world (most of them, the nice caring ones ~ not the mean, nasty ones ~ lest I be accused of stereotyping!). Enough said (for now!). Oh, and CARE seems to share that belief. Just check out their  MISSON STATEMENT:

CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. We place special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Women are at the heart of CARE’s community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives.


Some final thoughts to wrap up this day spent largely blogging (I did pack up the car with over 50 games to bring to a local school whose young residents are victims of abuse, so the whole day wasn’t spent blogging, just most of it!)…

Whenever I learn of the impressive work being done on behalf of those in great need, I am always so humbled. My work getting Time Well Spent off the ground is so tiny in comparison. I’m also reminded that, if people can create organizations to attack such overwhelming challenges, certainly I can keep plugging away with my efforts to create Time Well Spent. In all honesty, as a multi-purpose center located in the suburbs, Time Well Spent takes an arms-length approach to helping those in need… However, it’s such an important link, helping those in the suburbs understand the hardship and challenges that exist and empowering them to help… That’s the important work that will be done at Time Well Spent.

So, whether it’s increasing the awareness that there are homeless families right here on Boston’s North Shore, or increasing awareness of poverty statistics and providing a way to help through organizations like Cradles to Crayons, or collecting empty medicine bottles to send to Africa to help with HIV medication distribution, awareness and understanding is the first step to empowerment and action, and ultimately to positive change and a sense of heartfelt stewardship for our fellow man, and woman, and our planet…

With these many thoughts as an extended introduction, the blog post from CARE follows!

Thanks for Reading & Carpe Diem ~ Nancy


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