Shop Local and Outdoors this Weekend on the North Shore (and Beyond)


I am going to visit the Biz Baz in Salem, a weekend-long artisans fair with a witch-y edge in the heart of Salem:

Salem Haunted Happenings

Salem Haunted Happenings So much going on this weekend! Haunted Biz Baz on Essex Street, Wharf Knots on Pickering Wharf, Children’s Day on the Common – and that’s just during the day!

Here’s a link to the official site with the entire calendar of events.

And, here’s a link to the blog.

Read on for more about Salem & details of a great event in Boston & some products you are going to like a “hole” lot…

I find it’s about 50/50 when I tell people about Salem being an emerging arts and cultural center… Half of the folks are all, “I know!” and the other half are more like, “uh, for witch stuff and Halloween…” Well, it is the month of Halloween in Salem and a beautiful time to get there, but don’t kid yourself! With their Film Festival and summer outdoor events including a huge “green” event and a fantastic multi-cultural event, not to mention the Peabody Essex Museum,  a visit to Salem is a great way to spend the day throughout the year.


Going a bit further afield, I am loving visiting my eldest in this her freshman year at Northeastern.  From the Fenway throughout the campus, the Museum of Fine Arts, Huntington Ave and down to the Washington Street area, I just love all the trees and all the brownstones and all the activity…  I just got an email from the Boston Handmade group who will be at this weekend’s SOWA market, an outdoor open market featuring amazing artisans:

Here’s a link to BostonMade’s blog ~ looks like at least one of their artisans will be at Salem, too!

And, here’s a sample from Louise Cady-Fernandes, one of BostonMade’s artisans, The Hole Thing, (link to the etsy shop), someone I meant to blog about (quite a while ago – oops!)… Check out these earth-friendly and incredibly adorable sweaters filled with holes (here’s a link to Louise ‘s blog) – what a fun idea – made from old sweaters boiled down and reborn as kids’ wear, and now stuff for adults and the house too, with an eco-statement and a sassy look! I hear Suri Cruise is in town – get her one of these sweaters!

THE HOLE THING Sweater ( size 4)


I’ve blogged about other outdoor shopping on the North Shore ~ click here to go to that post that includes some pics of my eco-friendly products from repurposed materials!

Enough blogging, I’m off to enjoy this beautiful fall day! I’m sure I’ve left out plenty of other shop local outdoor opportunities on this lovely Columbus Day weekend.  Know of something noteworthy? Include it as a comment to this post. Thanks for stopping by…

Carpe Diem ~ Nancy

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