Touring the Space – The Re-Work-Shop

Time Well Spent is designed as a multi-use center for collaboration and creativity, an inspiring place where our collective clutter is repurposed even as we find a renewed sense of purpose in our own lives.  It’s a comprehensive and original concept, so a lot to take in, admittedly…

In an effort to break it down and provide details a little at a time, I’m going to use the e-newsletter to focus on one area each month, giving a brief overview and directing readers to posts and webpages with more details. 

I’ll begin with The Re-Work-Shop, the hands-on center of activity at Time Well Spent. Eco-artists on the cutting edge of environmentally-friendly art will be able to work alongside people with various degrees of creative experience and skills  ~ from none, to some, to tons! All  will find something to explore and create in the Re-Work-Shop. Altered arts, functional art, mixed media, upcycling, trashion, artist trading cards ~ all these topics will be introduced and made accessible. There will be members-only time blocks and open studio time, as well as scheduled classes, with the interests of the community playing an important part in determining just what eco-arts and activities we focus on.

With the collective decluttering theme ever-present, materials used will be contributed in return for clutter credits. Click here for a complete list of items that we can put to good use (and for which we will give you clutter credits that you can use toward materials in the Re-Work-Shop). To see photos of some of the types of products that may be made in the Re-Work-Shop, click here.

I hope this has helped to provide a better, general understanding of The Re-Work-Shop. For those interested in a more detailed description, click here when you are taking a coffee or tea break and want to spend your time well online… 

As always, your feedback and questions are welcomed and encouraged!


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