September DeClutter For Good Results – Mission Accomplished – Business Attire Donated to People Working Hard to Secure a Solid Job

Below is the  follow-up post from September’s focus. After delivering a carful of donations to Solutions At Work, I didn’t make it to Wellspring House yet…  I’m taking lemons (my overdue delivery) and making lemonade (accepting more donations) so that the delivery of business attire to Wellspring House will be considerably larger than originally expected. Women’s business clothing, head to toe, will be accepted at my pre-launch office on the dates listed  in my newsletter…  (Click here to go to the newsletter – if you came from the newsletter, this is like an infinite loop!)

Here’s the followup post that gives an idea of what I am accomplishing, in spite of being slightly disorganized as the year draws to a close. Once I deliver to Wellspring House, I’ll write up a post about them!

It was so nice to be able to help folks in the suburbs help others who are trying hard to work their way into a better situation…  Use the search tool in the right-hand column to learn more about our recipient organizations – Solutions At Work and Wellspring House.

Accompanied by my parents, I journeyed into Cambridge and, after some interesting twists and turns, found my way to Solutions At Work, where I have been before! Something about Cambridge and me that doesn’t mix! I can handle Boston pretty well, but I always seem to come at Cambridge from a different direction everytime and can’t make heads or tails of where I am… 

Of course, it was worth it ultimately as I was able to deliver the following donations to Solutions At Work where Tracy and a volunteer were hard at work sorting donations and very appreciative of the beautiful items we brought, commenting on the many people who would benefit from them…

Here’s the list of donations brought to Solutions At Work:

14 suits

21 pair of pants

42 shirts


2 overcoats

1 raincoat

2 business dresses

27 neckties

23 pair of socks

3 belts

6 pair of shoes

I’ll update this post with the total donations made to Wellspring House in Gloucester once I make the delivery! One DeClutter For Good event seems to be running into another ~ I’ll have to work on my time management! The DeClutter For Good donation drives are an extremely rewarding part of the Time Well Spent plan… And, it means I am helping others even as I continue to work on the business launch. Now, I better get back to that business plan…

Thanks again to all who donated! And, to those who didn’t, dont fret! There’s always next time to DeClutter For Good…

Focusing on one topic at a time ~ collectively clearing the clutter to improve the quality of our own daily lives ~ while helping those in need and minimizing our impact on the environment…


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