A Well-Spent Minute ~ Vote for Stay Vocal ~ Quick!

A business doing good on Boston’s South Shore and beyond: Stay Vocal is hip and young and values-driven, trying to make a positive impact on the world, and having a good time doing it! Kinda like Time Well Spent… except the young part… and though I’d like to think I’m hip, my teens might disagree…

Anyway, Green America’s Award would mean a great deal in terms of gaining a broader audience for their STAY VOCAL message.

From Alex, the CEO/Founder of STAY VOCAL:

Some people have asked me what this contest means. I usually say that it’s the equivalent of the Academy Awards in the world of green businesses. Green America’s People’s Choice Award is a contest where we’re trying to get STAY VOCAL recognized as a prominent Green business to enable us to bring our ReUse concept to the masses.

Here’s a link to the STAY VOCAL webpage on the topic, and may I suggest you surf around the site if you have a few extra minutes.

Here’s the link to the voting page at Green America, another site worth spending some time on!

Spread the word and vote for this Massachusetts-based business that is helping to spread the word of REUSE and other positive steps toward raising the collective voice of a progressive, positive, reusing world. Click here to go to their mission page.

Thanks! N.


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