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Happened upon a new version of my bio that I wrote over the summer and thought I’d share it here.

The entire profile, including objectives, status and links to my resume can be found by clicking the following link:

Read on for the bio portion:

I’m a mother of three, typical teens, wife to one, very patient, state trooper and part-time caregiver to his lovable K-9 … I am was a stay-at-home mom who actually spent a considerable chunk of the last decade outside of the home, in volunteer service to my community as a long-time activist, student and patient advocate, and, in general, chronic volunteer, most often in a leadership role. Currently, I am transitioning into a new stage of my life ~ as many 40somethings are~ and am pursuing my innovative concept I have for a triple-bottom-line social enterprise.

I’ve had my share of failures and successes and am stronger for all of life’s experiences to date. I am the quintessential Jack of All Trades… I do, or have done, a bit of this and that… and even the other… Not all perfect, but with passion and determination and fully engaged in the journey, unexpected turns and all…

I rallied a community in support of improved public safety, resulting in the biggest voter turnout in an uncontested election year. I fought for (and won) the important protocol change that forced emergency Epi-Pens to be taken out from under lock-and-key throughout the Ipswich school system.

I’ve taught hundreds of grammar school kids to be more understanding of their peers who have learning disabilities. I’ve managed all the aspects (except for the dancing) of a ten-year anniversary Irish dance performance, speaking (and indeed even dancing with the Mom class) before a crowd of nearly 500… I also organized two commemorative scrapbooks that made the dancing seem like a piece of cake!

I’ve rebuilt the basement, including knocking down walls and building them back up again…with “prop”s to my brother for helping and teaching me and to the spring floods of 2005 for “starting” the project in the first place. I started to build a bench in the kitchen, which a carpenter finished when I got in just a bit over my head! I’ve installed 3 types of flooring in the house… and wound up with only 2 stitches in the emergency room at Beverly Hospital…

I’ve fed chickadees from my hand and “hunted” birds through a telescope’s viewfinder. I’ve collected old tree stumps from the forest as eco-friendly yard art and a freshly felled section of tree trunk from a neighbor’s yard that still serves as an outdoor “coffee table.” I waited 40 years to take up gardening and came down with Lyme Disease 4 weeks later… I’ve even helped salamanders to cross the road… Why? Well, to get to the vernal pool on the other side, of course…

More recently, as I focus on the “re-purposing of old clutter” theme at Time Well Spent, I’ve made something of what might be thought of as a “whole lot of nothing.” From frames decoupaged with vintage sheet music to jewelry made from discarded doll accessories, vintage buttons and forgotten glass beads (I call it eco-bling!) to coat racks made from reclaimed wood and vintage door knobs (what better place to hang a coat?)… These are the trash-to-treasure type products that eco-artists might make at Time Well Spent, available to customers in the consignment sales area.

In a past life (no, not really), I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing. Currently, I am a member of the Bentley Alumnae Women’s Chapter and the Center for Business Ethics, as well as North Shore Women in Business, The Creative Economy Association of the North Shore and the Massachusetts Social Enterprise Networking Group, where you can find me on LinkedIn.

My considerable and varied life experiences and strong educational background, complemented by my “Renaissance soul” and “absent-minded-professor” thought process, have led me to this point in time, ready to make my dreams for Time Well Spent a reality ~ with all stakeholders involved benefiting from all Time Well Spent has to offer.


That’s me in a nutshell… Now, I ask you, would you buy an old shutter-turned-keyholder from this person???


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