September DeClutter For Good Focus – Business Attire, Head to Toe, Men’s & Women’s

As many of my readers know, DeCluttering For Good is a cornerstone monthly activity at Time Well Spent. For those new to the concept, basically, the third weekend of each month, we collectively declutter on a focused topic ~ getting those things that we have “simply too much of” out of our own way, and giving them to service organizations who can efficiently distribute the donations locally to those in need. Read more about the theory behind, and plans for, DeCluttering For Good by clicking here.
~ September DeClutter For Good Focus ~

~Business Attire~

~For Men & Women, Head to Toe~
~ Suits, Pants, Shirts, Skirts, Business Dresses ~
~ Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, Briefcases/Laptop Bags ~
      ~Donations will be given to Wellspring House &  Solutions At Work~
~Drop-Off Day @ Time Well Spent ~ Sat., 9/19, 10-4~  
Reply to this post or email me to make alternative arrangements.
~ Volunteer to Help ~
Those interested in volunteering to help with this month’s DeClutter For Good drive can email a reply to this e-newsletter. It’s a great opportunity to check out the pre-launch office in person for those willing to cover some of the drop-off hours.  It’s also worthwhile community service for teens looking for meaningful ways to meet their service requirements, add to their resume, and learn about the Time Well Spent model. Adult volunteers can help out by driving donations, the following week, to Solutions At Work in Cambridge, an eye-opening experience and a big help to me.
~ Learn More About Solutions At Work ~
Employing and serving homeless and formerly homeless individuals, Solutions At Work has a wonderful dual mission of “helping homeless people advocate for their own needs and breaking the economic chains that bind people in homelessness.” Visit the Solutions At Work website or my original blog post about the organization by clicking on the underlined/bold type (those are links for e-newsletter readers that are still a bit new to the internet!). The results post from our first business attire drive is also worth reading to see the empowering results of collective decluttering.
Mark your calendar for future DeClutter For Good drives:
October ~ Children’s Clothing ~ Cradles to Crayons
November ~ Books ~ More Than Words
Special thanks to North Shore Performing Arts Center for sharing their garment racks for the month and for posting info about our DeClutter For Good event.  



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