Firetruck Art Auction in Newburyport

This just in from Jeff Krumrine, a Newburyport contact who is into recycling for good:

I apologize for this last minute email notification. I am an active volunteer with the community development organization Long Way Home, Inc. We are hosting a very important fundraiser tonight at the Mission Oak Grill, 26 Green St., from 7 to 9 p.m. The purpose of the event is to raise the nearly $6,000 needed to ship a fire engine to the Guatemalan city of San Juan Comalapa! I know this sounds a little crazy but the firefighters there still use buckets to fight home and forest fires. This is a great opportunity to have a nice evening with friends and also save lives in the future. Last fall, three LWH staff drove a 2003 Dodge cargo van stocked with donated firefighting equipment to Guatemala. The Comalapa firefighters had several fundraisers of their own in order to purchase the van and convert it to a functioning ambulance.

 The events of the evening will include live music, cash bar, food and an art auction. Featured art pieces for auction will include an original painting, donated by my very good friend and local artist Alan Bull, of the fire engine.  Three oil paintings donated by Guatemalan painter Oscar Peren will also be auctioned. Local artists Paula Estey, Renee Schneider, Jill Herrick, Janet Parker, Zsuzsanna Donnell, Cheryl Noyes and Meg Alfoni will also donate items for purchase.

 The fire engine will be parked out front throughout the evening.

 Admission will be $5 per person.



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