Ipswich Goes Green 7/12 ~ part of Ipswich 375th ~ Sure to be Time Well Spent!

I’ve been busy multi-tasking between the creation of an eco-friendly mini golf hole and organizing materials for my Time Well Spent table. I can see that folks have been coming to my blog in search of Ipswich Goes Green info ~ which is exciting. So, here’s a link to the agenda for the day and a glimpse at what the day will hold:

The mini golf course will wind through the area from behind Ebsco (an old factory converted into business offices for this corporate friend to the community) over the riverwalk and onto the Memorial Green (where a cool project celebrating the building methods of old is also located).

 There will be many eco-conscious exhibitors in the Ebsco lot, including me! I’ll have a table that will include samples of products made from repurposed materials along with handouts and information about Time Well Spent and our mission.

I’m also planning three hands-on, awareness-building projects that will demonstrate the fact that we have choices to make with regard to the products we choose to purchase and the ways we spend our time. Our purchasing power can be put to good use if we take just a few moments to be mindful of the repurcussions of those choices, the impact that each purchase makes, for better or worse relative to our environment and our fellow humans! But, that’s a post for another day!

Christine McCall, my contact at Cradles to Crayons, will have a table as well. I just learned that Cradles to Crayons is in dire need of summer clothes, their supply being heavily tapped into during these difficult economic times, so any efforts to chat with Christine about ways to help would be worthwhile. Though I had planned to take the summer off from DeClutter For Good drives (more about that in this post), I’ll be planning an “emergency drive” to help fit this pressing need…

Looking forward to seeing folks at the Ipswich Goes Green event. Be sure to stop and say hello! N.


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